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Gala Dragalia Summon Showcase – Gala Luca

Starting at 10:00 PM Pacific Time, January 22, 2020’s first Gala Summoning Showcase will go live on Dragalia Lost. This time featuring Gala Luca, the Sylvan prankster, who played a central part in the game’s most recent story segment. Now determined to unify people of all backgrounds and create a world of peace, he will brandish his dear friend’s blade until the deed is done.

During Gala Dragalia, the appearance rate for 5-star adventurers and dragons is higher than normal. In addition, previous Gala adventurers return temporarily to the summon pool. If you have recently picked up Dragalia Lost, this is a great chance to beef up your overall roster.

5 Star Limited Adventurers

Gala Luca [ Light / Blade ]

The Sylvan Peacemaker, and this event’s main star. His new kit allows for an unprecedented barrage of critical hits and damage. Gala’s version of Luca thrives within teams who can provide buffs, as each buff will raise his critical chance. Conversely, every crit he lands grants him a unique buff in return. Luckily for him, many prominent Light adventurers grant buffs, and a couple of them focus on crits too. Thus, not only is he independently strong once he ramps up, Gala Luca gains more mileage from Light teammates than others.

Gala Elisanne [ Water / Axe ]

The Grand Paladyn. The most dedicated supporting adventurer, Gala Elisanne is a bastion against flame damage like no other. Her presence in any team greatly increases survival. This allows DPSers to forsake defenses in order to hit harder. She also bolsters their strength by 30%, and has dual resistances, making her an invaluable pick against the whole difficulty range of Flame content.

Gala Euden / Prince [ Light / Sword ]

The Bearer of Dragonlight. The Gala version of Dragalia Lost’s main character is a jack of all trades. Offensive and defensive buffs, Paralysis debuff infliction, shapeshift-enabling and improvement, respectable damage. He’s the key to consistently battling the hardest Shadow content to date, and with dual resistances is sure to help elsewhere.

Gala Cleo [ Shadow / Wand ]

The Supreme Sorcerer. A meta-breaking powerhouse, Gala Cleo completely tramples challenges thrown at her even outside of her respective element. Nuke levels of damage fit for wave or solo enemies, AoE buffing and crippling defense debuffing, a tad bit of healing. With dual resistances and standing at the very top of DPS charts, Gala Cleo is the most valuable addition to your roster.

Gala Mym [ Flame / Lance ]

The Lovestruck Flamewyrm. The pivotal point of her kit is Dragon shapeshifting, to which he has improved access. Her dragon form is unique regardless of whatever Dragon is equipped. With each transformation, Gala Mym’s damage will ramp up, meaning she will excel in longer fights. She can help against medium flame content thanks to her Burn resistance, uncharacteristic of regular flame adventurers.

Gala Ranzal [ Wind / Sword ]

The Seasoned Tactician. Both sturdy and burly, he works around a unique system where two from his damage sources will fill a gauge each. At full charge, he’ll see his defense increased, and his primary skill will be powered up significantly. Using the first skill depletes any charged gauges, and his second skill increases reach and hastens boss breaks. While he hasn’t seen as much endgame play as his Gala counterparts, he’s not discarded from it. Sports dual resistances.

Gala Sarisse [ Flame / Bow ]

The Crimson Star. Much like her brother Luca’s Gala variation, Gala Sarisse provides strong standalone DPS which is increased if receiving buffs and keeping combo chains consistently. She’s not as prominent in the critical department, but as a trade off she helps increase the team’s strength and defense. With dual resistances, she’s a great addition to your flame roster.

The featured characters will be present with increased rates during Dragalia Lost‘s Gala Dragalia Summoning Showcase. After the event ends at 9:59 PM Pacific Time, January 28 / 2020, these characters will not remain in the summoning pool. They will return two months later alongside the newest Gala Adventurer in March’s Gala Dragalia.

Best of luck to those who pull during this Gala Dragalia, and to those who would rather save for the upcoming Monster Hunter crossover event! Keep in touch with GamingonPhone for more news on upcoming content, and feel free to visit our Discord and join the discussion.

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