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Dynasty Origins: Conquest celebrates its 1st anniversary with new modes and rewards

Three Kingdoms, Ready for Your Taking!

On November 25, 2022, Dynasty Origins: Conquest began its 1st-anniversary celebration, and all the presents are for the players to keep. Aptitude 20 Zhuge Liang and the Battle of Guandu modes are both brand-new.

Celebrate the 1st anniversary with exciting events in Dynasty Origins: Conquest

For the 1st anniversary, the brand-new GvG mode, Battle of Guandu, will be released. The first cross-platform GvG game mode is Battle of Guandu. In this group versus group game mode, players from all platforms can compete against each other as members of the Cao Cao’s Alliance and Yuan Shao’s Alliance, respectively. Each participant will be randomly assigned to one of the many factions engaged in a war for supremacy.

Dynasty Origins Conquest 1st anniversary events
Image via Yoozoo Games

Even better, the anniversary will also feature the Happy Tower Challenge. Play the Russian block minigame to style up a successful year.  But there’s more. Each day, players who complete the Sign-in Quests will be awarded a variety of rewards, such as Anniversary Candles, Red Packet Rains, and Anniversary Avatar Frames.

Dynasty Origins: Conquest brings Anniversary digital collection limited-time exchange

With new digital collection modes and limited anniversary digital collections, Dynasty Origins: Conquest emphasizes the idea of the Metaverse. In order to build a digital collection ecosystem of “Intangible Cultural Heritage,” the game blends the creation and compatibility of modifying collections with in-game objectives and requested professional endorsements.

Dynasty Origins Conquest 1st anniversary digital collection
Image via Yoozoo Games

Players can unlock benefits and illuminate the owner’s kingdom’s map with the collections they collect, which are also valuable. The players will ultimately have a more satisfying experience with digital collecting because of this creative and varied gameplay.

The game connects intangible heritage teachers to revitalize intangible cultural heritage

Dynasty Origins: Conquest and Anjing Sichuan Embroidered have partnered for this event, and Lu Li, an embroidery expert, and cultural heir has been asked to create the general’s portrait. Master Lu depicts Zhuge Liang‘s innovative and dynamic usage of his troops by fusing the fine Sichuan needlework art with the Gongbi Chinese painting style. In a digital setting, this game brings the touch and feel of Sichuan embroidery to life.

Dynasty Origins Conquest 1st anniversary collaboration
Image via Yoozoo Games

To make a unique weapon for Zhuge Liang, the game has collaborated with his 51st-generation descendant, Master Zhuge Wencang. In order to give players a closer look at this age-old talent, we have incorporated the Kongming lock created by Zhuge Wencang into the game and also given them access to the Zhuge Bagua hamlet through the Kongming Lock promotional video. The Kongming Lock will radiate a whole new youthful spirit thanks to the digital, and nonphysical history and the marketing potential of this game.

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