EA announces six new soccer mobile games on the success of FIFA Mobile

FIFA Mobile is expanding!

FIFA Mobile has always been EA’s most popular mobile title. Along with other mobile titles such as Madden Mobile and UFC Mobile, EA has found profound success in the sports gaming genre. Boasting a huge fanbase, FIFA Mobile is a torchbearer for the company as EA plans to expand its ventures into the mobile gaming industry in a grand way. In a recent call with Electronic Arts’s (EA) Investors via, CEO Andrew Wilson said that EA has “six new soccer mobile games in development for new genres and new markets.” These games are reported to range in a variety of genres from unique arcade formats to simulation games offering new ways to play and enjoy for everyone.

EA looking to expand on their mobile gaming titles

Later Wilson also confirmed that the new soccer mobile games were a part of the plan on the occasion of the return of Jeff Karp. Earlier this year, EA welcomed back Jeff Karp to head up their mobile division. Earlier being an executive of EA, Karp gained experience in the mobile gaming community through positions at Zynga and Big Fish Games.

Karp had rejoined EA this year as its senior vice president of mobile games, and Wilson said he quickly identified the potential in the company’s IP stable – FIFA and Apex Legends chief among them. Wilson praised his fellow colleague by talking about Karp’s “tremendous network in the mobile gaming sphere.” He further went on to say,

“And there are a lot of great developers out there who have… a lot of experience and expertise, but they do not have the IP to build their games around or the marketing muscle to really drive acquisition and what is becoming an increasingly competitive market.”

Andrew Wilson, EA CEO

Additionally, EA’s latest mobile strategy is going to be to work hand in hand with external developers and publishers “in the context of licensing or co-development or co-publishing, or in some cases acquisition.” Thus EA is open to working with other companies and organizations as well for the betterment of their mobile games. Furthermore, EA has bright news for Apex Legends Mobile fans, the game is finally going to live by September 2022.

FIFA Mobile guides to renewed mobile strategy for EA

FIFA Mobile is the mobile version of EA’s famous football simulation series FIFA. Since its inception in October 2016, the game has proved to be a global success and also has a very loyal fan base. Although the game runs globally, China South Korea, and Japan already had has their own localized exclusive FIFA Mobile operated by a separate team.

six soccer mobile games EA

While Football is the most popular game on the planet, FIFA Mobile is the closest as it gets to playing Football on mobile devices. Therefore it is yet to be seen just how much the new soccer mobile games announced by EA can dominate the Apps Market in the coming years.

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