eFooball PES 2020: Data Pack 3.0 Update and Additions

It has been nearly a month and a half since eFootball PES2020 mobile got released. And with this, a lot of updates during the season was expected, which was Matchday, highly anticipated by mobile users. Along with this, KONAMI released PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update for both console and mobile, this Thursday. With the new datapack update, players, stadiums, new additions and gameplay tweaks were done accordingly. The data pack trailer also looked promising. And after checking out the release and update, we see many additions which are discussed below. If you haven’t read our previous articles on PES2020, please give them a read.

New additions in PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update

1. New Player Faces

KONAMI previously announced that in their next data pack update, fresh player faces are to be added in their data pack. And with it gamers could expect more realism in player faces. We found changes in many cards. For example, David Luiz who looked dead in the card design before PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update, gets his computer-generated photo replaced with a fresh photo of his. While we see around 30+ new updates on player faces, KONAMI still missed out updating faces of the likes of Perisic, Coutinho, Lukaku and some others who got transferred/loaned out to other clubs during the transfer window, so we could get a look of that update soon.

2. Updated Kits

KONAMI updated National Team kits too during the PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update. And while watching the trailer it looked promising. But the disappointment is that for users these kits are not available to use. You can enjoy watching them in Special Events that KONAMI will feature in the game. Hopefully, we can enjoy them by watching our players wear it someday. Till then, just hope.

PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update
Updated National Kits in PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update

3. New Stadiums Added

The biggest addition in the game that more new stadiums are now available in the game! Beautiful atmosphere and new pitches will surely excite you the most. But wait a minute my dear mobile users, you will spend your time on the KONAMI stadium only. Nothing more.

4. More new boots

Not really would benefit the mobile users as you can’t customize anything in-game. The likes of NEMEZIZ, Copa, X and Predator which are produced by Adidas are available in the game. You could see random players wearing them but of course, would be difficult to identify them.

5. The New Camera Angles

The best news of the update is that mobile users get three new camera angles. A fantastic and fascinating to watch indeed. The gameplay reached a new dimension with these updates, as we can enable camera angle changes from the camera settings which are of three types: Dynamic Wide, Live Broadcast and Stadium view.

A. Dynamic Wide

Improved and a wider version of ‘WIDE’ angle view with side camera which moves horizontally chasing the ball.

PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update

B. Live Broadcast

It is the similar camera angle to one which we see during the live telecast of football matches. Aligned at the centre of the field and zooms in on the nearest flanks following the ball.

PES 2020 Mobile

C. Stadium View

The experience of watching a match from a seat in the stadium. It is located at the top centre and horizontal movement of the camera.

PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update

D. Next Player Indicator

This indicates the player with a white arrow at the top. This shows to which player the cursor will shift to. Also, it displays the nearest player who is defending. It only works when the player is defending.

Well, KONAMI did miss to add out some important tweaks. Also not to mention that players are having a horrible week following cancelling of online events, absence of tour event and expecting the release of matchday in mobile.

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What do you think of the PES 2020 Data pack 3.0 update? What new updates would they add next? Tell us in the comment section below.

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