Elvenar Lucky Little Fin event brings new challenges and epic rewards

Celebrate the Lucky Little Fin event with rewards!

The most awaited sporting Lucky Little Fin event in Elvenar is returning with brand-new challenges and experiences. The Elvarian Games’ biggest fan, Rufus, is asking competitors to reunite and take in the water competition together. Between June 21st, 2022, and July 13th, 2022 the Lucky Little Fin will be playable in the game.

Discover a variety of riches by completing quest objectives

Since the Grand Hippocampus Hoop Derby this year features a racecourse that is intended to change over time, Rufus is very enthusiastic about it. Elvenar Seahorses will compete in each stage, putting their speed, toughness, and cunning to the test.

Rufus discovers a runty seahorse named Seacookie among them and begins to feel bad for them as everyone becomes engrossed in the competition’s excitement. By completing the missions and moving forward in the event, players will learn what will happen to Seacookie.

Elvenar Lucky Little Fin event
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Players who do chores for Rufus will receive Seahorse Food, which they can use to feed and bolster their seahorses during the competition. This can also be obtained by completing quest objectives, going to the city every day, or even simply wandering the city’s periphery. Seahorse food will enable seahorses to navigate obstacles and discover a variety of riches.

Each stage of the building has a different set of possible rewards in Elvenar Lucky Little Fin event

Players will receive Grand Prizes, such as the unique Glory of the Nimble evolution building, whenever a Seahorse reaches the end-stage. This growing structure introduces Random Productions to the cities of the participants for the first time ever.

Every 24 hours, a new set of potential rewards are available for each stage of the project. Every time the players roll their dice after evolving the Glory of the Nimble to its final level, they have a chance to win an extraordinary prize of 50 Knowledge Points!

Moreover, along with the Evolving Glory of Nimble, there are a number of impressive buildings to be won in the competition, such as the golden Azure Stables that the Mercenary Camp uses to produce Heavy Ranged units, the Manta Boats and Manta Rays that provide a valuable boost to mana, and the Crab Hotel Deluxe that serves as the luxurious lodging for all Elvarian Games attendees.

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