Era of Conquest Early Bird servers to launch next week

Early Bird servers come with special gifts for the players!

Early Bird pre-registrations are now open for Era of Conquest, the hotly anticipated strategy MMO that pits various historical legends against each other. Already a huge hit in China, Era of Conquest is a cross-platform 4x strategy epic that sees you building an empire, customizing a stable of heroes, and competing with countless other players on a gigantic world map. 

Era of Conquest comes with 10 different nations

Era of Conquest is a truly universal experience, with global servers, support for 19 languages, and cross-platform support across iOS, Android, and PC. That means everybody can potentially be in the same virtual space at the same time.

There are ten historical empires and cultures to choose from, including Roman, Arab, French, British, and Viking. Each one comes with its own historical heroes to collect, combine into unique formations, and send into battle. 

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The world map is absolutely huge, covering an area equivalent to 120km-square. This vast landscape is stuffed with challenges to complete and resources to fight over. Era of Conquest also boasts a rich alliance system that enables you to join forces with other players to expand your reach and consolidate your power. 

One of the main reasons that Era of Conquest has already proven such a hit in China, and looks certain to repeat that success worldwide when it launches later this year, is that it’s scrupulously fair.

Conscripting new troops happens automatically or through opening conscription boxes. And you get conscription boxes by winning them in PvP battles. There’s simply no way to accelerate the process by spending resources, ensuring pay to win is not an option. 

The other reason Era of Conquest has gone down a storm in China is its superb presentation. The game boasts fully 3D graphics underpinned by DOTS technology. This allows 6,000 units to fight in the same battle at the same time, allowing for some visually spectacular confrontations. 

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Era of Conquest Early Bird begins next week

The Early Bird event will officially begin at 12:00 (UTC) on July 14th in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Philippines, Portugal, Brazil, Indonesia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, France, Belgium, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. 

Bad luck if you’re not in any of those countries. Bad luck, too, if you’re an iOS user since the Early Bird will be restricted to Android and Windows players. If you are lucky enough to join the Era of Conquest Early Bird you can benefit when the game launches – but there are some rules.

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For one thing, the official server account for your character must be the same as the Early Bird server. Registering an account with the same name on a different platform will prevent you from being able to hold onto your goodies. Consumption by a single account across multiple servers will be calculated cumulatively, so it’s important to keep a note of your account information. 

Also, you can only participate in one Early Bird event per account. Once you’ve earned your reward, you won’t be able to get more from subsequent recharges. Gems that are given away for free are not included, but any purchases you make are 100% rewarded. 

All of which sounds fair enough to us. To get in line, head to the Google Play Store or Steam to pre-register right now.

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