Era of Conquest, the upcoming strategy title, enters its final test phase

Pre-registration will be announced soon!

4399 Games, the developers working on the upcoming strategy game Era of Conquest are thrilled to announce the start of the game’s final test phase. Following the initiation of worldwide testing, players’ responses to the game have been highly positive, with their feedback and recommendations proving invaluable. The development squad is dedicated to enhancing both the quality of the game and its gameplay, drawing from the insights gained from players’ interactions.

Within this particular update, the team has executed significant enhancements, affording players the opportunity to engage in a more enjoyable and strategically immersive experience as they undertake their journey of exploration, construction, and conquest.

Era of Conquest gets skill and line-up system upgrade in the final test phase

The game’s skill and line-up system underwent comprehensive enhancement, which involved the incorporation of an intelligent hero recommendation feature. This newly implemented system can suggest optimal high-scoring line-ups by analyzing a player’s existing heroes and their skills. As a result, this upgrade significantly streamlines players’ combat effectiveness.

Furthermore, modifications have been made to the skill system, aiming to simplify the acquisition of potent skills during the initial stages of the game. This adjustment opens up the potential for each player to emerge as a pivotal hero within their alliance during worldwide conflicts.

Engage in real-time battle with 10,000 players in Era of Conquest

The significant aspect of Era of Conquest is its expansive map, which stands out as a prominent feature. Players are fully engaged in an authentic battlefield experience through a state-of-the-art 3D engine of the next generation. The game offers a smooth sandbox map measuring 120km x 120km, where participants can engage in combat alongside a staggering 10,000 other players all at once. Additionally, players have the capability to establish partnerships with their companions, forge new connections, and collaboratively construct their individual empires.

Era of Conquest epic battles
Image via 4399

The final test phase will additionally refine certain premium elements, offering gamers an improved competitive encounter and authentic satisfaction in tactical competitions. The video game abstains from offering VIP subscriptions or in-game assets for purchase, thus moving away from the pay-to-win model. Acquiring new territories within the game necessitates a combination of robust power and astute strategy.

Following the final test, 4399’s development team will announce the global pre-registration plan, with the official launch just around the corner. Era of Conquest will be available on mobile and PC platforms in over 200 countries and regions, supporting 19 languages, including English, Chinese, Korean, German, Japanese, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

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