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EVE Echoes celebrates its 2nd Anniversary with a new Expansion: The Sleeper in the game

Lots in store for players

The 2nd-anniversary event for Eve Echoes has kicked off as announced by CCP Games and NetEase Games, the online games business of NetEase Inc. The Sleeper, the largest addition for EVE Echoes, will debut with new gameplay and a new build-up mechanism. Additionally, a unique livestream will be held in the game to recognize exceptional corporations during the march of the Voyage Ceremony.

In the game EVE Echoes, players can explore the uncharted galaxy in any way they like, from founding corporations that can inhabit planets to turning into intergalactic pirates that lurk in moon shadows. Since its August 2020 release, EVE Echoes has continuously expanded its sandbox universe with fresh and interesting features.

EVE Echoes offers players unlimited options to embark on science fiction adventures and forge their own path among the stars thanks to its global player base of more than 5 million. More is planned for the EVE Echoes 2nd anniversary update, which will bring even more brand-new technology to the galaxy thanks to additional expansions and content updates!

The New Expansion is bringing lots of new content and special events

New Enemy: The Sleepers have returned

An ancient race known as the Sleepers was once thought to have gone extinct thousands of years ago. However, the reality is that over time, they were planting the seeds for a future awakening in every nook and cranny of the cosmos. After a lengthy slumber, the Centrals, built to support all of the Sleepers inside, awoke. This sleep’s underlying cause wasn’t noted in the database. With its wish to endure in the universe, it is now requesting the New Eden.

Eve Echoes 2nd Anniversary
Image via NetEase

New Gameplay: Team up for Dormant Realm

Players of EVE Echoes can team up to participate in a brand-new challenge called the Dormant Realm, in which they must choose which fleet they wish to join and cooperate to take on strong PvE enemies, with larger rewards offered for greater difficulty. A fantastic option for gamers to obtain new items is through the Dormant Realm’s Implants.

New Build-up System: Implants

Implants are devices that sleepers use to store memories, behaviors, and fighting techniques. The implanted awoke sleepers have now joined New Eden. By enhancing their combat skills with cybernetic implants, players can choose their own evolutionary path. Players can choose their future development in New Eden through the use of implants, which can give them up to 12 different powers.

Eve Echoes 2nd Anniversary
Image via NetEase

New Event: The Voyage Ceremony

On August 19th, the journey ceremony will formally start! The celebration of the incredible achievement of human travels will be a momentous event for New Eden. All participating players have the opportunity to march around the celebration area, showcasing to other players the character and power of their organizations. The Voyage Ceremony, in which a sizable fleet of ships forms a procession and marches collectively through the space of EVE Echoes, will be live streamed on Youtube.

New Theme Song: ‘Beyond The Sky’

The theme song “Beyond The Sky,” which has been made available on all music streaming services, will be used to commemorate EVE Echoes’ second anniversary. The song honors the story of how humans built New Eden after the EVE gate collapsed and tells the tale of how they discovered the truth in history and made a legend in the limitless starry sky.

Eve Echoes 2nd Anniversary
Image via NetEase

On August 3rd, EVE Echoes’ Sleeper expansion will debut, adding more content to the game. On August 19, the 2nd-anniversary celebrations will come to a close with the Voyage Ceremony Live Stream.

What’s your opinion on the special events and features in the 2nd Anniversary in Eve Echoes? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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