Every Mobile Gaming announcement made at Tencent SPARK 2024

Few surprises!

Well, the day has arrived and we will be getting to get some spicy news. Suppose you did not know what I am talking about, the highly awaited Tencent Games‘ annual gaming conference SPARK 2024 has now officially live this May 28th, and as expected. In that case, we have some interesting games to keep an eye on, so let me help you by listing all the mobile gaming announcements that were showcased at the event.

List of Mobile Games showcased in Tencent SPARK 2024

Since the Tencent SPARK 2024 conference was streamed in Chinese, some of the translations of the game might be incorrect or confusing, but rest assured you can confirm the games and the details that have been announced.

1. Swordsman Love: Nostalgic Edition

Swordsman Love Nostalgic Edition cover, Tencent SPARK 2024
Image via Tencent

The game announcement included a brand new Mobile MMORPG titled Swordsman Love: Nostalgic Edition which will be coming in August 2024. Guessing from the title, this seems to be inspired by the popular Chinese title of the same name known for its martial arts theme and immersive gameplay.

2. Crossfire Mobile

Codename CF0 tencent cover, Tencent SPARK 2024
Image via Tencent Games

From TiMi Y3 comes Crossfire Mobile has got a new update in the event, although not major considering the release or test details, a beautiful snippet of the game has been unveiled. It will hit mobile devices as well upon launch, as we await the new gameplay this Summer.


Sports fans in China can rejoice as NBA 2K ALL-STAR will be hitting mobile devices in China. The gameplay video shared at the event showed us the graphics in a cinematic style alongside some controls that the game will feature upon its launch.

4. Need for Speed Mobile

Need For Speed Mobile second closed beta test
NFS Mobile announces Pioneer Test

Well, I’m sure most of us were waiting on this particular game’s update, and we have it. Need For Speed Mobile will be hitting the small screens this Summer of 2024. If you have been following my updates, I did share the news about a summer release date, and now, the official confirmation suggests July 2024. Overall, a thrilling racing experience awaits!

5. Silicon Universe

A new universe is in your hands, suggests Silicon Universe, a new cross-platform open-world space adventure title.

We can explore a vast, seamless universe, controlling cyborg characters, starships, and mechas for intense combat. The game will feature a diverse and realistic digital life experience that creates a Chinese-style sci-fi epic.

6. Civilization World’s Source

Civilization Mobile cover, Tencent SPARK 2024
Image via Tencent

Another showcase included the new mobile strategy game titled Civilization World’s Source, which is gearing up for its Closed Beta Test (CBT), which will be starting soon. Currently, the date is unannounced, so stay tuned for updates.

7. Maple Story Mobile

MapleStory game improvements
Image via Nexon

In collaboration with NEXON, Maple Story – Maple Legend will be hitting China soon. If you remember, NEXON had previously announced the mobile games pipeline for 2024, where MapleStory Worlds was unveiled as the upcoming latest addition to the renowned MapleStory series, which could be launched in China as Maple Legend.

8. Blade & Soul 2

Another collaboration was announced with NCSOFT, this time for Blade & Soul 2, the sequel to the martial arts-themed MMORPG developed by the South Korean company themselves. The game will bring stunning visuals, a dynamic combat system, and rich storytelling on offer, which was evident from its showcase at the event.

9. Stone Age: Awakening

Stone Age Awakening cover, Tencent SPARK 2024
Image via Tencent

the turn-based strategy game Stone Age: Awakening will be getting a new version. The gameplay reveal at the conference gave us info about the features of the title that blend prehistoric themes with modern gameplay mechanics. The release details aren’t known yet.

10. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball event 2023
Image via Pearl Abyss

Black Desert Mobile, after finding global success, will now head to China to smash more records. The title is popular for its immersive graphics and innovative combat as we get to explore a vast world, uncovering the mysteries of the ancients.

11. Squad Busters

Squad Busters second closed beta,Squad Busters customer support
Image via Supercell

Supercell’s Squad Busters is all set to head to China after getting a launch worldwide on May 29th, 2024. The dynamic fun title has a simple formula to play: grow your squad, loot bosses, and bust your opponents. Before its release in China, a few tests are scheduled to take place.

12. Strinova

Strinova, the mobile adaptation of the popular game Riot GamesValorant with an anime twist, is gearing up for its beta launch in China.

The gameplay mechanics show a lot of promise, and more will be known to us during the testing phase. Well, it won’t be surprising if we get to see this title release sooner than Valorant Mobile.

13. The War of Dragon Stones

A 4x strategy game has been announced in the form of The War of Dragon Stones. From the visuals showcased, it will follow a fantasy theme with base-building and attacking aspects evident for now. The details about testing or release are yet to be revealed.

14. Tarisland

Tarisland Customer support guide, Tencent SPARK 2024
Image via Tencent Games

The fantasy MMORPG Tarisland will see a release in China as well, confirmed SPARK 2024. The game will be officially launching in China on June 19th, followed by its global release on June 21st, 2024. Until then, you can participate in the pre-registration for Android and iOS platforms.

15. Strange Stories of the Three Kingdoms

Inspired by the renowned Three Kingdoms IP is Strange Stories of the Three Kingdoms, which will be a turn-based strategy title. Since it is based on the popular universe, it is expected to feature popular heroes and characters from the franchise.

Other Game Updates

Apart from the major mobile games updates, we had some other important announcements as well.

In PUBG Mobile’s Chinese version, Peace Elite, players can expect new gameplay modes such as Subway Escape, along with improvements to the shooting experience. Timi Studios’ J3 is seeing success in China, especially with Call of Duty: Mobile. Additionally, Delta Force: Hawk Ops will begin testing on June 20th, while NZ Mobile / War Against Future is set to start testing in the third quarter of 2024.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops beta cover
Image Via Level Infinite

Other notable updates include Light And Night celebrating its 3rd anniversary with an offline commemorative concert, Alchemy Stars hosting an anniversary event, Lost Ark game introducing new classes, Party Stars or Project: Fun Party was also showcased with its gameplay and lastly, Dungeon & Fighter Mobile teases an upcoming update.

Well, that’s it for the coverage of Tencent SPARK 2024. Until more updates on the announced games, take a look at other related articles:

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