Fate Corridor, a new idle card game begins pre-registration on Android devices

Journey to the magical world for an adventure of a life time!

Fate Corridor is a new idle card title from the house of NCARD, now available for pre-registration on Android devices. The game is set in a world that has seen a devasting magical war resulting in a wipeout of civilizations of many races. Players take on the role of an adventurer and explore the magical world with a unique journey and captivating story.

Fate Corridor aims to offer an engaging story and a unique journey to the magical world

In the game, players will meet adventurers from different races who will support and assist them in their journey. All these companions will have different magical skills and abilities. You can form a powerful team as you communicate and help each other during your journey. Players will also be able to go back home and engage in calming activities such as farming, mining, fishing and more.

Fate Corridor pre-registration
Image via NCARD

Players can collect resources and upgrade their characters to increase their strength. The game has combat as one of the main gameplay elements where you engage in thrilling battles with powerful enemies in card battles and use magical skills and abilities to defeat them. Your teammates will fight alongside you to help you defeat the enemies easily. You can make friends, challenge world bosses, and win exciting rewards on your adventure through the unknown wonders of the magical world.

Fate Corridor lets you talk to NPCs meet other many characters and join guilds to partner with other players for adventures in the game. The game offers various mysteries for players to solve and treasures to hunt. The players will journey across misty forests, ancient ruins, labyrinths, and more to explore and each of them will have its unique traits and challenges.

Interested players with Android devices can now visit the Google Play Store and pre-register for Fate Corridor. Travel to a world full of magic and write your own story.

What are your thoughts as Fate Corridor begins pre-registration on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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