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Former number 1 COD Mobile player “Ferg” is already leading the Apex Legends Mobile global leaderboard

Ferg is the formal top player of COD Mobile!

Reaching the top of the leaderboard in any battle royale needs much hard work and strategic play. Ferg, the former global top player of COD Mobile, reached the number 1 ranking of Apex Legends Mobile. Luke “iFerg” Fergie, a popular YouTuber and streamer, now stands in the admirable position of the top player in Apex Legends Mobile.

In the words of iFerg, he said that the game was much more complex, and he was depressed for not being able to master the game.

Apex Legends Mobile has more in-game elements than the other battle royale games. The complex mechanisms and game physics make it hard for the players to master the game. However, iFerg took the challenge and became one of the few to fight for the top position. And currently, he is leading the global leaderboard with 7308 ranking points. Previously on May 12, a Twitter post from iFerg stated his desire to reach the top.

An overview of the Apex Legends Mobile global ranking system

Apex Legends Mobile has seven different rankings in its ranked mode. Players need to be in level 8 to unlock the ranked mode. Based on the performance in each match, the game rewards the players with ranking points. Players need to start from the “Bronze” rank and then gradually promote to the following by playing in the ranked mode.

Ferg Apex legends Mobile number 1 global ranking
Image via Ferg on Twitter

However, only the top 750 global players can reach the ultimate rank of Predator. Thus, becoming the no 1 player is quite an achievement. It will be interesting to watch how Ferg’s competitors take this as it will somehow trigger them to take back the top position. Without any doubt, the fight for reaching the top will continue.

What are your thoughts as Ferg leads the Apex Legends Mobile global ranking at number 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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