FIFA Mobile 20 Beta: The New Features

FIFA Mobile Dev team has confirmed that the beta version of FIFA Mobile Season 4 is now available. They have also disclosed that the full version of the game will be available later in September. Tweet by Dev Team.

How to download FIFA Mobile 20 Beta

The Beta version will be available for both Android and iOS. Android users can download it from Play Store & iOS users can get it through TestFlight when it is available. Click here for More Info.

New Features in FIFA Mobile 20 Beta

fifa mobile 20 beta gameplay

There are several things that have been introduced in the beta version and will be continued in the new season. Let’s have a look at what are the major changes in brief: 

1. Passing: More driven passes than lobbed passes to keep the momentum alive of the game.

2. Shooting: High rated players will shoot more accurately. Players won’t kick wider in an open goal. The animation of the long shot has been changed. Volly and header will look more realistic and shot power will be according to attribute.

3. Defending: More sophisticated defending than last season and players will receive cards more often. One player will win the ball while dueling in the air. Additionally, defending AI has been improved.

4. Goalkeeping: Shorter GKs will perform better than last season but tall GKs will still be more advantageous.

5. Skill Moves: Every player will come up with one primary skill moves additionally he will have another special skill move. 

6. Vs Attack: Significant changes have been made in Vs Attack mode. Such as Vs Attack leader board system and ball possession during match.

Things to take care before the season ends:

There are many things/resources that will not be carried to the next season so you have to use them up before the season ends.

1. FIFA Points: This is the green currency you see in the game. It will be carried to next season no need to worry about it.

2. Gems: These are the Red Diamonds. Won’t be carried to next season. So use them up.

3. Coin: It looks like Gold coins but will not be carried to next season. So use up all to improve your team.

4. TXP: It will not be carried, So use up all you have.

5. Reserve Players: Either sell them or use them as XP, they aren’t going to carry in next season

6. Line Up: make sure to set your best line up as Active Line Up before submitting for next season otherwise you won’t see your highest overall team as the legacy team.

Expected New Features:

1. Legacy Team: Previously the legacy team was only for show off but this time you will be able to play with it. There will be featured events for it where you can play with your legacy team.

2. Head-To-Head Match: According to rumours, the H-2-H match between friends can also come this season.

3. League: More League exclusive features are expected to come.

4. Squad Role: You will be able to select which player will take free-kick, penalty and corner.

5. Commentary: Commentary may be added during the match next season.

To know more about new expected features click here

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