Finding Paradise is a new adventure game set to release on mobile devices in November 2022

Embark on a Journey Spanning a Lifetime in the Sequel to the Famed ‘To The Moon’

On November 18, 2022, Finding Paradise, the second complete episode of the To the Moon series from independent game developer Freebird Games will release on the android and iOS platforms. The series, which began with To the Moon and later included A Bird’s Story, Finding Paradise, and Imposter Factory, is renowned for its moving stories presented in 16-bit style graphics.

It follows Dr. Watts and Dr. Rosalene of Sigmund Corps. as they journey through the memories of their dying patients in an effort to artificially carry out their last wishes. Finding Paradise, the sequel, regularly packs an emotional punch because of its potent writing and music, and it has won praise from critics ever since its first PC release in 2017.

Experience a combination of humor and sentiment in Finding Paradise

Players are invited to explore the delicate nuances of a lifetime by following the doctors in Colin, a retired airline pilot with an imprecise longing for a better life. The gameplay-lite Finding Paradise explores the topics of life, death, and the untrodden paths with a strong combination of sentiment and humor.

Finding Paradise
Image via XD Inc

The Finding Paradise experience on Nintendo Switch and mobile was rebuilt in Unity by publisher XD Inc., and it keeps the retro charm of the original release while incorporating some subtle optimizations made just for console and handheld devices: remastered HD visuals, redesigned UI and menu, new tap controls and virtual joystick, auto-save for shorter play sessions, and a new music box mode to access all OST.

On November 18, 2022, Finding Paradise will launch on the App Store and Google Play giving a wonderful voyage through memories. A player’s perspective on what constitutes a fulfilling life can be shared by joining the official Discord server. To the Moon is currently offered for $11.99 on the Nintendo Switch and $4.99 on mobile devices for anyone who missed it.

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