First Minecraft Bedrock beta of 2021 brings Dripstone Blocks and Sculk Sensors

2021's first major update is here!

The first beta version update of Minecraft Bedrock (Android, Xbox, and Windows 10) has been dropped. The game has now introduced Dripstone blocks and Sculk Sensors. Both these games were first introduced to us in Minecon 2020 and had been added to the Java edition before Bedrock in previous snapshots.

You can find the dripstone blocks in your creative inventory. Sculk sensors are quite an interesting feature, they are blocks that can detect vibrations near them. This means that any sound that you make can be sensed by the new block if you’re in close proximity. It’s interesting for people who mess around with Redstone and technical builds now have another tool to work with. Along with that, there are the usual bug and command fixes.

Minecraft Bedrock beta update


  • Falling on dripstone causes damage.
  • Breaking the block above a stalactite causes it to fall and cause damage to entities under it.
  • Stalactites have dripping water and lava animations.

Note: Stalactites are attached to the ceiling, whereas stalagmites are attached to the floor

Sculk Sensors

Sculk Sensors can detect the following vibrations:

  • Swimming entities
  • Steps
  • Placing blocks
  • Destroying blocks
  • Hitting the ground (fall)
  • Splashing in water
  • Projectiles
  • Elytra free falls

Whenever a vibration gets detected, the signal gets sent from the source of the vibration to a sensor at a speed of 1 game tick per block. Unlike the Java edition, wool occlusion isn’t a part of the block’s functionality. We hope to see more new features including more vibrations in the upcoming betas such as telescopes which are already available in the Java versions.

Note: In order to access these features, you must be a beta tester. This can easily be done in a few minutes and then you have access to experimental features.

What are your thoughts on the First Minecraft Bedrock beta of 2021? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below!

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