Flash Party is set to launch with the Stardust Warriors 1.0 update on January 10, 2023

Bringing a purrfect addition to the roster!

Flash Party, a highly anticipated platform fighting game with elements of the Smash Bros. series, is about to make its official debut after it entered pre-registration last month. Players will be treated to a new hero and battle royale modes in Flash Party’s Stardust Warriors 1.0 update, which debuts on January 10 after a successful run in Early Access.

The Stardust Warriors 1.0 update brings new heroes to Flash Party

Flash Party’s Stardust Warriors overhauls gameplay by offering each of the 20+ characters four different fighting philosophies and new moves. This is the game’s first significant upgrade. The community is at the center of the action as a result of all of these modifications, which were all made in response to early access Lab Mode players’ feedback. Flash Party also welcomes Cookie and Can as new heroes! In a brand-new gameplay trailer, get a closer look at the two of them in action.

Flash Party Stardust Warriors 1.0 hero
Image via XD Inc.

This is not the first time that Cookie has appeared. This feline fighter is recognizable to players from the sneak peek video for S-17. Along with Can, a combat mech constructed by the designer of S-17, Cookie joins the team. The majority of the area in front of Cookie and Can, as well as any other angle they choose, can be covered by their horizontal skills in addition to the special Enhanced Grab and Throw.

Can also have a deadly charge pistol that it uses as Cookie’s vehicle. It can be fully recharged four times with amazing effects, but each recharge generates greater power and damage. Cookie and Can are a force to be reckoned with in the arena thanks to their outstanding durability and potent attacks, which make them ideal for mid to long-distance playstyles.

Battle Royale comes to Flash Party

Along with the new characters, Party Royale is a brand-new mode that was well-received in the game’s early Lab Mode. Party Royale combines traditional battle royale gameplay to Flash Party with new modes that include up to 10-player single-player bouts and a massive-map battle mode.

Flash Party Stardust Warriors 1.0 battle royale mode
Image via XD Inc.

Players will be placed at random into a perilous jungle with a zone that will eventually contain only one survivor. Players can gain strength by searching for chests or killing other players to get their hands on their stuff and boosts. They can also surprise their opponents by hiding in bushes or using different springboards to leap around the map.

As the newest heavyweight competitor in the genre, Flash Party has captured the interest of platform-fighting fans all across the world. There are now just a few days till Flash Party is officially released on Steam and Google Play stores.

Are you excited about the launch of Flash Party Stardust Warriors 1.0 update? Let us know in the comments below!

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