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Flexion Mobile reaches an agreement with tap4fun to publish Age of Apes in alternate App Stores

This is Flexion's third game agreement with tap4fun!

Age of Apes will be made available in alternate app stores thanks to an agreement between Flexion Mobile, a games marketing company, and tap4fun. In Q1 2023, Flexion will make the popular game available on the Amazon App Store and Samsung Galaxy App Store. Once tap4fun releases the game in South Korea, Flexion will also release it on the ONE Store.

Flexion Mobile’s agreement with tap4fun will bring revenue and audience for the game

Data from the developer shows that Age of Apes already brings in almost US$1 million each month on Google Play. With little effort and up-front expense required from tap4fun, Flexion’s distribution services will increase revenue and audiences for the game. Currently, Flexion averages an additional 10% in income for the Android games it distributes.

Kingdom Guard and Kiss of War will continue to be available on alternate app stores (Amazon App Store, Samsung Galaxy App Store, ONE Store, and Xiamoi’s GetApps Store) through February 2024 thanks to an extension of tap4fun’s collaboration with Flexion.

Our primary business is alternative app store distribution, thus we have a thorough understanding of them. No one else can match the knowledge, experience, and technology of our team. Age of Apes needs a new audience of paying gamers, and we can’t wait to do that.


Flexion aims to bring a new audience for its multiplayer strategy game, Age of Apes

In the multiplayer strategy game Age of Apes, monkeys fight each other while firing rockets into space in pursuit of bananas. To succeed, players must join the most powerful clan, find their own gang, and engage in combat with other apes. They must become the first monkey to explore the galaxy.

Flexion Mobile tap4fun agreement Age of Apes
Image via Flexion

By distributing games to alternative app stores, Flexion recently revealed that in the previous 12 months, it brought in $50 million in revenue for Android game developers.

What are your thoughts as Flexion Mobile reaches an agreement with tap4fun to publish Age of Apes? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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