Forge of Empires Halloween event brings in lots of exciting in-game rewards

Trick or treat?

The Ringmaster is returning back in Forge of Empires as it is all set for the thrilling Halloween event. Players will find themselves lost at the spookiest of fairs after having trusted the Ringmaster once again. Throughout this event running from October 28th to November 17th, 2021, with the mist settling in, the strategy civilization-building game will let the players make their way through the dark abandoned fairground following the Ringmaster’s voice who will be their only way to escape.

Earn plethora of in-game rewards in the Forge of Empires Halloween event

In this season, the Halloween questline comprises 30 rush quests and 21 additional daily quests. Upon completing the quests, players will receive Fairground Tickets. Furthermore, these tickets can also be earned through daily logins or by completing incidents around one’s city. Once earned, these tickets can be used to purchase candles, flashlights, and lanterns to disperse the mist and forge a path through the dark fairground.

Forge of Empires Halloween event
Forge of Empires Halloween event rewards calendar

It’s best to be an eagle and look beneath the mist as there are items and rewards hidden in the ground. The Pumpkins contain random rewards and a chance at the daily special, while Lightbulbs help make progress toward the Grand Prize. Toys unlock special additional questlines and the completion of these quests provides more rewards and the fairground findings achievement. Lastly, new this year are Daily Stickers which can be spent in the Reward Calendar. Each sticker is unique and will open one of the 21 slots on the calendar for an equally unique prize. Complete the whole calendar for an additional treat.

Five new buildings to come up in the game in this event

This season, the Halloween event will commence with five different event buildings: Helter Skelter, Clown Town, Wheel of Death, Mystical Organ, and Terror Teacups arriving in the game. Each of these Horror Circus buildings can be upgraded to two levels, have a base bonus and a connector bonus as part of a set. There are different bonuses provided as more buildings within the set are connected.

Forge of Empires Halloween event
New towns coming in the Forge of Empires Halloween event

Daily Special Rewards offer the chance to win buildings from last year’s event, including the House of Horrors and the Abandoned Asylum. Successfully completing the quests will unlock the Hellish Hangout, which provides a four-day 20 percent attacking bonus for players’ defensive armies.

Forge of Empires Halloween event
Abandoned Asylum in Forge of Empires Halloween event

Moreover, players will also have the chance to share their progress with their friends and neighbors through four new avatars. Two can be earned in the questline, one for completing the Reward Calendar and one for completing the Toy questlines.

What are your thoughts on the Forge of Empires Halloween event? Let us know in the comments below!

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