Forge of Empires to host the Summer Festival event this September featuring unique rewards

Sail the seven seas, encountering pirates and prizes on the ocean voyage!

Forge of Empires, InnoGames‘s award-winning strategic city-building game, will now allow players to create cities that will grow from the stone age through to modern times. Players will get to sail the seven seas during the Forge of Empires Summer Festival 2022, running into pirates and winning treasures along the way. This year’s event runs from September 1st through September 21st, 2022.

Complete the Forge of Empires Summer Festival 2022 quests to earn amazing rewards

Jane and the governor of Forge Island, who have several quests to be completed, are in charge of organizing the event. Players will receive Gold Doubloons as a reward, and they can use these gleaming coins to spin the iconic Wheel of Fortune for prizes. Players have the option of spinning for the currently available rewards shown by the wheel or taking a chance by refreshing the wheel and spinning to reveal new prizes.

All players close by have access to wheel spins and refreshes, which adds another degree of suspense to the action. Timing is key since prizes could vanish because of other wins or the prize pool could totally reset after a refresh.

Forge of Empires Jane and Governor
Forge of Empires Summer Festival 2022 (Image via InnoGames)

Players receive a compass after every spin, which they can use to navigate to hidden riches. Players will randomly move forward one, two, or three nautical miles with each compass, bringing them closer to a variety of prizes, including this year’s Grand Prize, The Privateer’s Boathouse.

The Summer Festival 2022 features a unique building as the grand prize

The Privateer’s Boathouse is a singular structure with 11 levels and two end stages from which players can choose: the Deadman’s Boathouse or the Buccaneer’s Boathouse. Both structures award Happiness, Population, Coins, Medals, Goods, Defense, and Attack in addition to the new Deadmen’s or Buccaneer’s Bounty, which are reward boxes containing extra forge points and resources.

The Summer Festival 2022 is the most recent in a long line of exquisitely designed Events taking place in Forge of Empires, offering seven seas to sail and a variety of rewards.

Are you excited about the Forge of Empires Summer Festival Event 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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