Forge of Empires The Great Fall Bake Off event 2022 returns with exciting rewards

Get Ready To Eat Cake!

Players can design cities in Forge of Empires, an InnoGames award-winning strategic city-building game, that will develop from the Stone Age to the Modern Era. The Great Fall Bake Off will be offering up delectable delicacies at the Empire this month from October 4 through October 18, 2022.

Mrs. Appleton returns with the Forge of Empires Fall Bake Off event 2022

Mrs. Appleton is back for the occasion and is eager to judge the players’ baking abilities. Ingredients are necessary for baking, and players can acquire them by fulfilling Mrs. Appleton’s tasks, finding them hidden in daily chests, or discovering them in unanticipated locations throughout the city. Once there are enough ingredients, baking may start.

Players can gain rewards and the opportunity to select the daily special by following the recipes and creating a lovely Signature Bake. The Great Fall Bake Off Daily Special is a little unusual; players can opt to exchange their winnings for a different reward, but they can only use a switch once each day, so it’s important to carefully consider your options.

Forge of Empires great fall Bake Off 2022
Image via InnoGames

The event’s goal is to pack the Bake Off table with delicious delicacies, some of which will take up more room than others. Star ratings are given to dishes, ranging from one star for a straightforward bake to three stars for completing more difficult recipes. Players can choose how to arrange the food on their tables, adding a strategic element to this savory gathering.

Claim amazing rewards during the Forge of Empires Fall Bake Off event 2022

This year’s Special Grand Prize is the Sunflower Oil Press, a structure that has nine levels of upgradeability. Happiness, population, and coins are immediately available, but as it levels up, supplies, forge points, goods, and three random units become available.

Along the journey, there are more prizes to be won, including portraits, selection kits, and the magnificent Cobalt Blue Lagoon. The production of the following two structures that the players collect is increased by two by this lovely body of water, which also serves as a forge point. The Cobalt Blue Lagoon becomes a decoration once it has been collected five times, offering the empire more joy.

The Great Fall Bake Off is the most recent in a long line of exquisitely designed Events taking place in Forge of Empires, with a league to compete in, extra prizes to be claimed, and a city to fill with the lovely smell of baked goods.

Are you excited about the Forge of Empires The Great Fall Bake Off event 2022? Let us know in the comments below!

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