Forge of Empires to host the Soccer event 2022 this June

Stay on the Ball in Forge of Empires’ Soccer Season

Forge of Empires is hosting a Soccer event between June 2 and June 22, 2022. The annual event has arrived, and the training field awaits Forge of Empires players as they select their soccer squad. The Soccer Event adds a new layer of strategy and competition to Forge of Empires.

Forge of Empires Soccer event 2022 will feature player cards with daily special prizes

Players will pick a team and collect energy drinks to move the ball up the field, passing it amongst players. Every pass counts as a short pass using fewer energy drinks, but a long pass gets to the goal faster, so players must consider speed and stamina with every move. Soccer is a physically demanding sport, so the teams require energy drinks to keep them going. These drinks can be obtained by fulfilling Coach Miller’s requests.

Forge of Empires Soccer Event
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Team selection is critical, and Player Cards are collected throughout the event to allow player selection flexibility. Each new Player Card either unlocks a new player or raises the level of an existing squad member. As players’ soccer skills improve, so will the rewards they can earn while taking part in the event. Passes between teammates during training will unlock a random prize from a selected player, as well as a chance to win the current Daily Special. The Grand Prize is awarded to users who successfully cross the field and score a goal.

Players can participate in the Soccer tournament with Coach Miller

Forge of Empires players can also participate in this year’s Soccer Tournament. Players need three tickets to participate and can obtain these tickets through Coach Miller’s tasks or by patiently waiting as one ticket will be generated every eight hours.

Before kick-off, players can select the match difficulty (easy, medium, or hard), and captains can then select a lineup best suited to their opponent. Soccer stars have preferred positions, so putting the right players in the right positions can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

The grand prize for this event is the Windmill Farm, a chain structure comprised of the Gentiana Windmill and four Windmill Farmlands. These five elements provide increased Defense and Attack, Coin Boosts, and chances to win varying amounts of Goods while leveling up the build. Upgrades are also available for four exclusive Soccer Cup achievements, as well as seven new event-exclusive portraits.

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