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Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1: Tips to complete the Find it in Fortnite quests

There’s a ton to do in Fortnite!

Players now have the opportunity to earn some in-game rewards thanks to the new Find It in Fortnite Quests that have been released. Players have been given many opportunities to earn extra XP to finish this season’s Battle Pass as Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 draws to a close. The new Cipher Quests included in the Fortnite v23.50 content update require players to decrypt the quest’s objectives in order to gain experience points and in-game cosmetics.

But there are now even more objectives available to gamers outside of the Battle Royale mode. Players may participate in six creator-made activities and complete a number of quests to gain experience points and goodies with the new Quests. These quests run until March 8, 11 a.m. ET so players have just under a week to complete everything on offer.

Earn XP with each Find it in Fortnite Quest you complete in the game

You’ll earn XP with each Find it in Fortnite Quest you complete. By completing certain amounts of these Quests, you’ll unlock one or more special Locker items:

  • 3 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:
    • Carbide Creation Emoticon
  • 6 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:
    • Human Wheeliam Spray
    • Squaring Off Wrap
  • 9 total Find it in Fortnite Quests completed:
    • Creativity Calls Emoticon
    • Check the Map Emote 
Find it in Fortnite Quests
Image via Epic Games

The Check the Map Emote is inspired by the submission from the Emote Royale 2022 contest winner, Randall Omryan!

All Find it in Fortnite Quests and Rewards in Chapter 4 Season 1

Here, players can get a preview of all six games and see their associated Quests. The “Find it in Fortnite” row on the Discover screen of Fortnite contains links to all six games, while the “Find it in Fortnite” section on the Quests website contains links to the quests.

Murder Mystery Quests: 0583-5944-5318

  • Collect Coins (50) – 20,000 XP 
  • Win Rounds (10) – 25,000 XP 

Deadpines: Zombie Survival Quests: 0598-1708-7538 

  • Destroy Zombies (500) – 20,000 XP 
  • Earn Crystals (10) – 25,000 XP 
Find it in Fortnite Quests
Image via Epic Games

Machine Wars Quests: 5032-2578-0034

  • Earn Points for Your Team (300) – 20,000 XP 
  • Eliminate Opponents (25) – 25,000 XP 

Valhalla Quests: 0399-0154-2182 

  • Open Chests (25) – 20,000 XP 
  • Wander the Realms (30,000) – 25,000 XP 

Mythic Gungame Quests: 6882-8801-3933

  • Eliminate 3 Opponents Without Being Eliminated (1) – 25,000 XP 
  • Eliminate Opponents (15) – 20,000 XP 

75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun Quests: 6562-2122-0969

  • Reach Checkpoints (5) – 20,000 XP 
  • Complete 75 Level Motorcycle Deathrun (1) – 25,000 XP 

These six games are just some of the many you can find in Fortnite. Discover more for yourself after completing the Quests in Fortnite.

Did you find our guide to completing Find it in Fortnite Quests in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1 helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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