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Fortnite hints at a possible crossover with Lord of the Rings

Here's everything you need to know about the rumoured collaboration!

For the past few days, the rumors around a new Fortnite collaboration have been making rounds on social media. The rumors included a collaboration with big names like Destiny 2, Doom, Family Guy, and Lord of the Rings, all of which are extremely famous across the globe. Now, a new leak from prominent Fortnite leakers suggests that Fortnite’s new collaboration will be with Lord of the Rings based on the data they have managed to gather.

Fortnite teases Loopers about a possible collaboration with the Lord of the Rings

It is no doubt that Fortnite is by far one of the most famous games across the world with an active player base. A huge part of the game’s gigantic success has been the timely and historic collaborations with other brands. It is safe to assume that Epic has had more brand collaborations with Fortnite than any other game. 

As of now, Fortnite has introduced the Dragon Ball Universe into the game with skins. But popular Fortnite data miners suggest that Fortnite will have a collaboration with the Lord of the Rings based on the data he has managed to get his hands on. 

According to him, through the data, he believes that the Rock family who is currently vacationing around the island are giving hints about the collaboration. He believes that the Rock kid is building a castle that has many similarities to that of the Lord of the Rings castle. For reference, he shared two images where he pointed out similarities with the broken wall on the left and the slope on the right side.

He also pointed out that the bottles in front of the castle resemble an army formation that is ready for battle. The trash placed right behind the bottles also resembles battle formations from the LOTR movies. The LOTR castle also has a similar long ramp that leads to the castle which is also present in the sand castle. In the movies, the wall of the castle is breached by the Urak-hai and orc forces of the evil wizard Saruman. Appropriately, a massive hole can be seen in the sandcastle wall as well.

fortnite lord of the rings collab hint teaser
Image via Epic Games

Although these things just look like big speculations, one cannot ignore the similarities they possess, keeping in mind the way Epic tests collaborations in Fortnite we can also expect this collaboration sometime later. 

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