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Fortnite leaks suggest the launch of Ice Cream cones as a new consumable item

Ice cream cones will have various abilities!

Consumable item is a common thing in a lot of games. Minecraft had consumable items for a long time so did Fortnite from its inception. Consumable items were launched in Fortnite in Chapter 1 itself. Ranging from shield to slurp mushrooms, the way to gain health and shields has changed over the years. Ice cream Cones are by far the most intriguing consumables that will soon be added to Fortnite out of a vast variety of island items.

The consumable item did see a huge variation in its functionality and characteristics after fishing arrived in Fortnite in chapter 2. Epic games introduced fish as a consumable item that was capable of giving thermal vision, faster speed, and hopping powers, and revealed the enemy location to the players. Well with these changes the consumable items gave an upper hand to the players with a hold on these.

Ice cream cones will give different abilities to the Fortnite players

Other consumable items like chilies and coconuts also have different abilities plus their health-granting prowess. Now some leakers suggest the launch of ice cream cone consumables, which will obviously have various abilities.

The ice cream cones will be of 4 different types namely freeze, guzzle, chug, and spicy. All the variants are based on existing consumables in Fortnite with similar abilities. As of now, this is just a leak, we don’t have much information about their functionality or their locations but regarding the usage, it is pretty much obvious that these can be used just like regular consumables and it will grant health based on that.

The stats shown in the above tweet shows the cone’s health and shield stats that they will give upon consumption by the player. After the v21.30 update, a lot of leaks have taken over Twitter, the ice cream cone consumable being one of them. We’ll get to know more about the functionality and usage of the ice cream cones when the summer update will be dropped.

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