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Fortnite v21.10 Update introduces new skins and in-game cosmetics

Exciting skins are coming to Fortnite!

It was already expected that the Fortnite v21.10 update will come out with a whole new collection of skins in Chapter 3 Season 3. We will see the arrival of Fortnite x Naruto crossover including Hinata, Itachi, Gaara, and Orochimaru as well as Fox Fire in the game’s Item Shop. Fortnite has never disappointed when it comes to crossovers. It has already brought a lot of popular IPs to the game and will continue to do so.

Fortnite x Naruto Rivals! crossover brings exclusive in-game items

This isn’t the first time Naruto has done a crossover with Fortnite. While the first time brought to us Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura, this time is even more exciting with some strong rivals being added to the fray.

  • Gaaa of the Sand skin along with the Fifth Kazekage outfit
  • Hinata Hyuga skin along with the Hinata Uzumaki outfit. You also get the option to turn the Byakugan on or off
  • Orochimaru skin along with his Hidden Leaf outfit
  • Itachi Uchiha of the Akatsuki skin along with a Black Ops outfit
Image via Epic Games

These skins aren’t the only things in store for fans of the Naruto franchise. Along with skins, you can also unlock the following wearables:

  • Back Blings
    • Black Ops Mask with Itachi, Tenzo, Kakashi, and Black Ops style
    • Hinata’s Backpack
    • Gaara’s Sand Gourd
  • Pickaxe
    • Minato the Yellow Flash’s Kunai
    • The Sword of Kusanagi
  • Glider

Besides these, the Fortnite v21.10 also introduces new battle pass styles and exciting in-game skin.

The v21.10 Update also brings a new Fox Fire skin to Fortnite

The Fox Fire outfit in Fortnite comes with a lot of customizations, with the default being a normal plus one helmet style. Players can choose to turn the eye glow on or off and can also customize the character’s arm tattoos.

Image via Epic Games

Besides this Battle Pass get a makeover as well, with super styles for Malik, Adira, Sabina, Stormfarer, and Evie. These styles are called: Platinum Rift, Lapis Slurp, and Auric Blaze. Chapter 3 Season 3 has already brought a lot of exciting new additions to the game and it seems like there will be a lot more in the future.

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