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Fortnite x Elder Scrolls Online: Leaks suggest that the rumored Berserker skin could be free

Dragonborn makes his way to the battle royale!

Fortnite is no stranger to big crossovers with popular brands in the past where the two have come along to deliver exclusive rewards and skins to the players in the game. This time around the popular battle royale is a collaboration with one of the most popular series in the RPG genre, The Elder Scrolls. Although rumored two weeks back, this time there is a strong confirmation that the Berserker Skin from Elder Scrolls Online will be available in Fortnite for players in the coming week for free.

The leaked skin would introduce Dragonborn to the universe of Fortnite

The leaked skin gives a very strong Dragonborn vibe to the character who was the once-feared Norse berserker tasked with the duties of protecting humanity and other races from the mass destruction and havoc caused by the dragons and the ongoing civil war between Stormcloaks and Imperials. It is safe to say that Elder Scrolls is one of the successful entries in the role-playing industry and has a separate fanbase of its own.

According to the leaks, the skin will be made available for the players from July 20th onwards, and as per rumors, it might be free to claim for the players as part of the collaboration between Epic Games and The Elder Scrolls Online. However not much can be said about the possibility of these leaks being true as they are still rumors that are being speculated.

But if you consider the history of brand collaborations that Fortnite has pulled off, it feels very much feasible and possible. There have been many successful entries in the series, with the likes of Oblivion, and Morrowind also being fairly successful titles of their times. However Elder Scroll Online and Elder Scroll Skyrim are definitely the more popular ones and to this date have a very engaging community to their name.

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The addition of the Berserker Skin from Elder Scrolls Online would surely attract a fair share of fans from the respective communities to try out the game and would definitely offer more engaging content to the ones who are fans of both games.

What do you think about Fortnite having a brand collaboration with Elder Scrolls Online for a free Berserker Skin? Let us know in the comments below!

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