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Free Fire OB23 patch update: Bermuda 2.0 map changes and locations

Bermuda is one of the most favoured maps in Free Fire, only rivalled by the breathtaking Purgatory and competent Kalahari. Over time, Garena did give hints on their social platforms that new locations would be making their way to the map as revealed in their “Plan Bermuda”. This was about the redesigning of the Bermuda map in Free Fire, with the addition of new places, calling it as Bermuda Remastered or Bermuda 2.0. This update which comes along with new character Lucas, a new pet – Mr Wagger, an assault rifle in AUG, and more, is based on the 3rd Anniversary theme of Free Fire.

Free Fire Plan Bermuda 2.0 (Bermuda Remastered)

Free Fire Plan Bermuda 2.0
Newer images distributed by on Garena’s socials

The focus of the player base were on new locations from 2 cities namely Tokyo and New York. Beforehand, it was expected that the cities themselves would be added in the map. However, the next reveal changed the vision entirely.

This also showed images of structures from Japan (Tokyo tower), Germany (Brandenburg gate), Russia (Saint Basil Cathedral) and Sweden (Stortorget). It was made clear that Garena was either planning to add either these structures or to indicate that more locations would be added to the map.

Bermuda map changes in the Free Fire OB23 update

Bermuda map earlier
Bermuda earlier

Thanks to the opening of the advanced server which is used for testing the game status before release, players could intervene with the new 4 locations which would get added in the OB23 patch. These new locations were therefore Nurek Dam, Aden’s Creek, Samurai’s Garden, and Academy.

Bermuda map remastered 2.0
Bermuda map remastered

With the new locations added to the remastered version of Bermuda, the map’s build changed quite a bit. The new Bermuda 2.0 map has got a quality improvement with several changes and new locations. The changes to the Bermuda map are as follows:

  • Bullseye and Graveyard are changed and replaced by Academy.
  • Sentosa are changed and replaced by Samurai’s Garden.
  • Plantation and Riverside are partially changed by Nurek Dam.
  • Rim Nam village is changed and replaced by Aden’s Creek.
  • Partial changes in Peak.

Location descriptions in the Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 update


Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 Remastered - Academy
Bermuda Remastered – Academy location

The new image leaks mentioned have unveiled that this location is derived from Germany. The academy will be located to where previously Bullseye and Graveyard were. However, the new location gives you an okay height advantage with enough cover between the structures of the revamped Bullseye and its academy square with an exceptional monuments.

Nurek Dam

Bermuda Remastered - Nurek Dam
Bermuda Remastered – Nurek Dam location

This location had hints with the “New York” and “Russia leak in Plan Bermuda as both New York and Russia have one of the largest hydropower generating stations. Hydropower stations mainly produce electricity with the help of turbines that vitally rely on the gravity of the water flow.  It is located in-between riverside and plantation. As of now, it’s unknown if the spawn rate of good equipment is high or not, but it’s definitely a good place to camp seeing that the structure is high and claimable so you have a definite height advantage over your enemies downriver.

Samurai Garden

Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 Samurai's Garden
Bermuda Remastered – Samurai’s Garden location

Indicated with the “Tokyo” leak in Plan Bermuda, this location replaces the Sentosa island with its Japanese style structures. Its beauty is breathtaking as it features the famous Torii gates and Minka houses with its landscape decorated with Sakura trees. As Sentosa is a high available loot location, its revamp will most likely stay a dangerous location to parachute down to.

Aden’s Creek

Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 Aiden's Creek OB23
Bermuda Remastered – Aiden’s Creek location

The revamped version of Rim Nam Village might be a reference to the fish huts in Sweden as leaked in new images. The view over this location has changed drastically and the structures before unrecognizable. However, the previously known huts have enlarged so staying put here would not grant you too much cover as space between buildings is quite distant. Also, this might be a great place to hone your driving skills with your preferred vehicle as the roads are wide and ocean nearby.


There has been minor improvements to Peak’s landscape. Nevertheless, it is still rated as one of the most dangerous places to land.

That’s all for the Free Fire Bermuda 2.0 updates for now. The map will be available for gameplay on 13th August, so head to the download center and download Bermuda 2.0 and other updates beforehand. Hope you all celebrate the 3rd  anniversary of Free Fire on the 22nd of August.

What is your opinion on the Free Fire Bermuda map 2.0 version? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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