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Free Fire OB23 ‘3VOLUTION’ Update Patch notes: AUG, New character Lucas, Penguin pet and more

Time for 3VOLUTION!

Free Fire is all set to roll out the much anticipated OB23 Update Patch on 29th July! This is going to be another major update post the ‘Age of Streamers’ update. Today in this article we will take a look at the content and features of this upcoming update.

Garena recently closed registration for the Free Fire OB23 Advance Server. In the advance server, you could try out the update before others. The registrations were being done in 2 batches until 19th July.

Garena recently released a trailer for the update, named ‘3VOLUTION’ as they look to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the game with this update. Check it out:

1. New Weapon: AUG

The Armee Universal Gewehr aka AUG is an AR weapon that’s going to be introduced in the game soon. The last addition to the game in weaponry was the M82B sniper rifle.

Free Fire OB23 Update Patch
New Weapon: AUG

The stats of this rifle gun haven’t been revealed by the officials, yet. Although, according to the rumors, it’s going to have an insane range and an equally amazing rate of fire for an AR gun. It could also be made an airdrop exclusive weapon.

2. New Character: Lucas

The much-awaited character Lucas is finally going to debut in the lands of Free Fire with the upcoming update. The character is based on the real-life Brazilian football player Lucas Silva. His full name is Lucas Silva Borges. He currently plays as a midfielder for Brasileirão club Grêmio.

Free Fire OB23 Update Patch
New Character: Lucas

After DJ Alok, Lucas is the next Brazilian character to get featured in the game. The unique character skill of this player is, apparently, called ‘hat-trick‘. The skill offers to slightly extend the default HP bar beyond 200 every time the player kills someone. This skill seems similar to that of Antonio’s ‘Gangster Spirit’. But ‘hat-trick’ differs in the sense that extended HP bar remains even when the additional HP is lost. Hence, one can always restore their HP beyond 200 when using the ‘Lucas’ character.

Judging by the description of his skill, this seems to be a passive skill, implying, this isn’t going to be a character exclusive skill. But there could probably be some sort of limitations on how much max HP one can get after every kill. Although, nothing can be said with certainty.

3. New Pet: Penguin

Free Fire makes sure to include at least one new pet with every major update. The tradition doesn’t change with this update, either. A new pet in the form of a penguin, namely Mr.Wagger is soon going to make its appearance in-game.

New Pet: Penguin

The unique pet skill of this Penguin pet is yet to be revealed. Though, the leaks suggest it’s got something to do with gloo walls and the character ‘Maxim‘.

4. Plan Bermuda: changes and additions to the map

When it comes to Free Fire, one can always expect consistency regarding putting up of new and exciting changes to cater to the ever-growing needs of the player base. Well, this time with the OB23 Update Patch it’s the Free Fire map that’s going to get an upgrade. To put it simply, the most beloved map of Free Fire: ‘Bermuda’ is likely to get revamped soon. As part of this, the in-game lobby and waiting island are also set to have a new anniversary-themed look as well. Check out the changes in the Bermuda 2.0 map update. Also, Free Fire is collaborating with Netflix’s famous web-series Money Heist to execute ‘Plan Bermuda’!

The Devs are going to add new locations in the map based on a few real-life state-of-the-art architectural landmarks located around the globe. Players can expect a variety of new infrastructures in the form of domes, towers and huge hallways in the coming few days.

Free Fire OB23 Update Patch

With this move, Free Fire seems to be looking at more options to evolve and improve the overall gaming experience of the player base. The new locations will open up new strategies and tactics to be employed by the players.

New game mode: Convoy Crunch

A new game mode named ‘Convoy Crunch’ will be introduced in the OB23 update which will be exclusive to the new Bermuda map only. In this mode, two teams will fight for the control of a Monster Truck. One of the teams will have to follow the directed path and their objective will be to take the vehicle to its final destination.

The other team will obviously have to stop the first team from doing so within the game time. There will be a total of three rounds, the team to win two times will be winners. In the meantime, if a player gets killed, he/she will respawn again. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Our detailed guide for the Convoy Crunch mode is coming soon, so stay tuned!

5. Grim Reaper Event

The Rampage2.0 event is almost coming to a close. This event has been one of the most massive and popular events since the game got out. Following the success trail of this event, a new event in the form of Grim Reaper is likely to arrive soon after the new update patch goes live on 29th July.

Apparently, this ‘Grim Reaper’ event will hand out a lot of free premium goodies to please the F2P players just like how the ‘Rampage 2.0’ did. The event will also get its very own game mode, probably.

That’s it from today’s Free Fire OB23 Update patch notes. Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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