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Free Fire OB30 Advance Server update: New Characters, Weapons, and more

New characters and weapons are incoming!

Free Fire has opened its doors for the upcoming Advanced Server once more. This advanced server is basically for the enthusiastic testers for finding bugs and giving feedback to the developers. Moreover, players who register will have a chance to be the first to test out a huge series of features that are yet to make their appearance in the original game. So as the Advance Server is now open, this article will go in-depth on what are the new features that you can try out in the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server.

New Weapons in the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server update

Treatment Shotgun

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server
Treatment Shotgun in Free Fire

This upcoming weapon has the ability to damage the enemy and give a heal to your teammate both. The damage recurred to the enemy will be 100-110 in the body and 370 if shot at the head. Healing to teammates will also be the same which will happen as this gun has the same property as medkit. Moreover, there will be only 2 possible attachments (Muzzle and magazine). Finally, the gun will have infinite ammo like a plasma which will recharge when a player sprints.

Treatment Sniper

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server
Treatment Sniper in Free Fire

This upcoming sniper has the same characteristics as that of the above-mentioned weapon. However, the damage recurred to the enemy will be 150 when hit on the body and 900-1100 when hit on the head. The possible attachments for this gun are the muzzle and magazine. Moreover, this gun will also come in with unlimited ammo.

New Characters in the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server update

Unnamed Character 1

The upcoming character will have an ability in which after eliminating an enemy, the position of other enemies within 25-35 meters of the elimination spot will be revealed. This means that if the player eliminates the enemy, the nearby enemies will be pinned in the mini-map.

This character will be best for the clash squad as the fight zone is already small and the character radius is pretty wide. However, the character yet doesn’t have any name but till the update comes the name will be finalized.

Unnamed Character 2

The second upcoming character will have a recovery rate of 5-45 H.P. after surviving combat. This means that the player, after killing an enemy or running away from the fight will result in recovering from slight H.P. Just like the previous character, this one also doesn’t have any name, but till the update comes it is expected that the name will be finalized.

Custom Room Changes

From the past few seasons/updates, players have been demanding some optimizations regarding the gun properties/abilities in the custom rooms. And it seems finally developers will be adding those changes in the upcoming update.

Gun Property

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server
Free Fire Gun Property

This setting when turned off will lead to canceling all types of attributes on guns ( ++ rate of fire or ++ damage, etc.). Earlier this setting was only available for PC/Console games of Garena official customs but due to heavy demands from the players, Garena will be adding these settings in the mobile version of their games including Free Fire also.

Unique Modes

Earlier in classic custom room players only had the option to make few modes (only grenade, only melee, only pistol, only sniper, and classic/Regular) but in the OB30 Advance Server there will be 2 more modes adding up, which are “Hardcore mode” and “Esport mode”.

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server
Free Fire Unique modes

Hardcore mode will be the same as classic but without healing items ( No med kit, No mushroom, and No inhaler). Esport mode will have the same Garena official room but without drone view( can be added in further updates) this mode is specifically good for the budding YouTubers who want to organize Esport custom room.

Generic Enemy Outfit

Free Fire OB30 Advance Server
Free Fire Generic Enemy Outfit

Under this setting, every player in the customs room will be able to wear any one kind of dress (for reducing teaming). Just like the Gun Property setting, this setting is also added from official custom rooms.

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