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Free Fire partners with Netflix’s Money Heist to execute Plan Bermuda

Free Fire OB23 ‘3VOLUTION’ update has hit the global servers officially, and along with this, the partners in Plan Bermuda have also been revealed. Free Fire Brazil official Twitter handle had teased about this few days back. Recently, Free Fire announced a collaboration with Netflix’s popular Spanish web series Money Heist for the Plan Bermuda, revealing an official teaser regarding the same. The event will be live in-game in September.

Free Fire Brasil’s teaser about Plan Bermuda

About the Free Fire x Money Heist Partnership

Free Fire announced their partnership with Netflix’s Money Heist regarding the Plan Bermuda very recently. The collaboration will be coming in September, and under this partnership, Plan Bermuda will be unveiled.

Free Fire Money Heist Plan Bermuda
Plan Bermuda announcement

Along with this, there will be new features, bundles, and events in-game related to the famous Spanish series Money Heist. Garena told players to gear up for this saying “the team of professional heist masters are coming to Bermuda to execute the greatest heist ever known!” Garena also revealed an official teaser on their YouTube channel to charge players up for the upcoming collaboration!

Officials at Garena seemed pretty optimistic about the upcoming event. About this partnership, Harold Teo, Producer at Garena, said:

Creating memorable experiences for our Free Fire community is key, and there are few better ways than to do so by teaming up with one of the most popular Netflix series, Money Heist.

Harold Teo, Producer at Garena

He further added that many of Garena officials are fans of the show, and so are millions of Free Fire players worldwide. They are thrilled to deliver this crossover to the community, and they hope the players ‘enjoy it as much’ as the company did in bringing this together.

Meanwhile, the players can download the Free Fire OB23 ‘3VOLUTION‘ update from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The size of the update is around 391 MB, and it requires 1 GB of free storage in the device. The update is coming with a bunch of new features!

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