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Free Fire: Patch OB27 brings optimized and updated characters in the game

New changes for a few characters in the OB27 Update!

Free Fire has many types of characters in the game due to many collaborations. While some are way too overpowered, others are a bit too nerfed. Garena is trying its best to make all characters balanced and letting them have a chance to defeat. Let’s check on some of the updated characters in Free Fire OB27 Patch Update, and discuss the changes.

Character changes in Free Fire OB27 update

In the Free Fire, Patch OB27 update, abilities of 5 main characters will be optimised and changed.


Changes for Chrono

Chrono is one of the most overpowered characters which is making the game imbalanced. Garena tries balancing by decreasing its duration and increasing cool down for usage of ability. So the balanced ability creates a force field that blocks 600 damage from enemies. One can fire at outside foes from within the force field. Additionally, the Movement speed increases by 5℅. These effects last for 3s. The player needs to think about the changed inability by changing the cooldown rate from 50 seconds to 200 seconds, which is fair because one can still shoot from inside of the shield. The other changes include the duration of effects from 10 seconds to 3 seconds, and because of these changes according to Garena, this character has been balanced.


Changes for Wunkong

Wukong was a character with extreme high cool-down time and very low skill duration but Garena did some modification and updated his character skills. It transforms into a bush, lasting for 10 seconds. Transformation stops when Wunkong attacks. Additionally, CD resets when Wunkong takes down an enemy. This means that after the OB27 update, Wukong is able to knock or kill any opponent. It can again transform to a bush, irrelevant of when used. This character can be used best in CS and full map.


Free Fire OB27 Updated Characters
Changes for Rafael

Rafael character was the most underrated character with an ability to silence any weapon but with limited effect time. After the OB27 update, this character will be buffed by 0 seconds CD and with extra damage dealt to knock player. The ability will be similar to a silencing effect when using sniper and marksman rifles. Enemies will be hit and downed, and suffer 20 % faster HP loss.


Free Fire OB27 Updated Characters
Changes for A124

A124 is again an underrated character which can convert EP to HP instantly but has long CD of 50 seconds which in term of healing very low. So new skill or advance skill will be “converts 20 EP into HP within 4 seconds. Cool down :10s”. Hence this character can challenge the overpowered character easily for e.g. Alok, CR7.


Free Fire OB27 Updated Characters
Changes for Jai

Jai is a character, who was provided for free and came in collaboration with famous Bollywood actor, Hrithik Roshan. This character was again underrated and is now being balanced by changing ability which has been changed by knocking down an opponent. The gun’s magazine automatically gets reloaded by 30% of its capacity. This is limited to AR, pistol, SMG, SG.

Final Thoughts

With all the changes for the favourite characters of the players after the OB27 update, there would be some changes in player choices for Free Fire fans. In future, there will be more changes for the character. So, Free Fire fans will be wondering which character will be best for Rushing and sniping?

The best character for rushing will be A124, as it has a low CD and a high rate of healing per second. For sniping, The best character will be Rafael, because of the unlimited use of the silencer, even when the Level 3 muzzle is equipped. There will be many changes for many characters in future as new characters are introduced with new collaborations.

What do you think about some of the updated characters in Free Fire OB27 Patch Update? Let us know in the comments section below.

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