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Free Fire: Upcoming weapon updates and changes for July 2021

Some new skins to come!

Some sudden changes appeared in the weaponry section of Free Fire, recently. The survival Battle Royale mobile game that’s quite established in various regions around the world and still growing to be one of the best in the genre. In this article, we shall be quickly pointing out all the weapon changes and updates that can be now seen in Free Fire this July 2021.

Weapon updates and changes in Free Fire for July 2021

1. Temporary removal of M82B

M82B is one among the weapons added to the sniper arsenal in Free Fire, also being one of the best guns in Ranked Mode preferred by many. Being an anti-material sniper, it deals heavy damage to vehicles and can inflict penetration damage through the gloo walls. The gun has been withdrawn to fix a bug that allows players to scope and see through the gloo walls. The Free Fire Operations team has assured that the bug will be fixed soon and the abilities of the sniper shall remain the same as before the bug crept in. In the token stores found in the maps, only the AWM will now be available as a temporary replacement for the M82B.

2. Kingfisher: New AR Gun

Kingfisher is a surprise addition to the game coming in the OB28 update that also seems to be a bit abrupt considering no prior information was released before it was made available in all modes on July 3. It’s a high fire rate AR gun with a very stable accuracy but significantly lower firepower than other long-range weapons.

Kingfisher: New AR Gun
Kingfisher: New AR Gun

The weapon comes with a non-extendable clip size of 20 bullets and a 2x scope, by default. Consumes AR ammunition and supports attachments such as the muzzle, foregrip and stock. Owing to the high fire rate, headshots are easy to perform with this gun. A perfect choice for the newbies who have a hard time controlling the recoil of high firepower AR assault guns!

3. Free Fire × Street Fighter Collab weapon skins

The highly-anticipated collaboration between critically acclaimed game Street Fighter and Free Fire is now live as of this July 6th, 2021. As is the tradition with collabs in Free Fire, players are always eager to find out what special collaboration gun skins they’ll get to see. This time, it’s been unveiled that an AWM and MP5 will be part of the weapon skins under the collaboration banner. Both the guns will feature a rich animation and a creative design that is attributed to the theme of the collab i.e. Street Fighter! Let’s get to know the stats of the exciting skins:

a) AWM ‘Fūrinkazan’

AWM 'Fūrinkazan' skin, Free Fire
AWM ‘Fūrinkazan’ skin

The design of this legendary tier skin is so eccentric that it hardly even resembles the AWM, in a good way, of course! Red, white and hints of spiritual blue here and there painted all over the weapon give it the classic warrior Ryu aesthetic. The animations of the gun look pretty awesome too. It’s available for purchase via the Faded Wheel event.

Reload Speed+
Stats of the Street Fighter AWM Skin

b) MP5 ‘Spinning Bird’

MP5 'Spinning Bird'
MP5 ‘Spinning Bird’ skin Credits: Capcom

This skin, just like the earlier one, is based on the theme of Street Fighter, more so designed keeping the fighter Chun-Li in mind. The cotton ball strings and the characteristic sharp choker that are a part of Chun-Li’s outfit has been incorporated into the skin to make it look really appealing and exciting to the eyes. The gun is soon to be released on the Indian server. Though in other servers such as the MENA server, it’s already available in an event called ‘Fighter Cards’. A pack of nice cards, one of which, will contain the legendary skin!

Reload Speed
Stats of the Street Fighter MP5 Skin

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