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Free Fire OB28 Advance Server update: New Characters, Weapons, and more

New characters and weapons are incoming!

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server registration started a few days ago, as now the game’s Advanced Server has opened its doors for testing once more. The advanced server is basically for the enthusiastic testers for finding bugs and giving feedback to the developers. Moreover, players who register will have a chance to be the first to test out a huge series of features that are yet to make their appearance in the original game. So as the Advance Server is now open, this article will go in-depth on what are the new features that you can try out in the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server.

New Characters and Pets in Free Fire OB28 Advance Server update

1. D-bee

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server
Upcoming character D-bee

this character will have the ability to increase accuracy and speed while firing. This ability will be best for players who is sniping or scouting as they have to rotate while distracting the enemy. D-bee could be a collaboration with a rapper, as there are some chances of trap season coming in the update.

2. Dr. Bennie (The Duck)

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server
Upcoming character Dr. Bennie

The upcoming pet is Dr. Bennie, which has the ability to increase movement speed when crouch by 150℅ when on level 7(Max). This pet will be available to top up events in the mid of June month. This pet is preferable for players who use machine guns or M60-y as these guns give additional damage when crouch.

New Weapons in the Free Fire OB28 Advance Server update

1. Uzi

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server
Uzi Weapon in the game

This weapon is an HG ammo gun with the highest rate of fire and damage equal to G18 which is already available in-game. Uzi has the highest mobility yet in-game. The weapon has average damage starting from 18-20 to a headshot of 88-110. This gun has the ability to destroy opponents within seconds.

2. Kingfisher

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server
Kingfisher Weapon in the Advanced Server

This weapon is an AR ammo gun again with a rate of fire equal to Famas but available in burst mode. Kingfisher can be equipped with attachments like Scope, Muzzel/silencer, foregrip/bipod, and stock. This gun has damage of 20-28 and a headshot of 99-110. However, it has a drawback – the damage decrease drastically when the range increases.

Optimizations and Improvements

Free Fire OB28 Advance Server
Some minor Optimizations are on the way for the players
  1. Head movement:- the characters will move their head according to the player’s view on this update. It can also reduce the third-person advantage.
  2. Setting menu:- The UI of the setting is changed from plain to border. There are two new features in setting menu
    •  Drag to sprint, user can easily drag their joystick to sprint instead of pressing a button to sprint.
    • Separate button for gloo wall and a grenade as demanded by the audience to Garena several times.

Final Thoughts

After knowing about all these changes, players might think whether these updates can make the game better or not. Yes, many of these updates were necessary for making games more realistic and able to compete with other battle royale games such as Call of Duty Mobile or PUBG Mobile. But these changes will somehow affect the low-end device players as there will be lag, low fps, and other problems for them. But as the devs have assured, they are working to add these feature without affecting low-end device players as Free Fire primarily came into being and also became a hugely popular battle royale game for the mobile gamers with a 2GB or 3GB RAM device, and the devs want to maintain that popularity in the future.

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