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Free Fire: 20 best guns to pick up in Ranked Mode

20 Best guns to choose from in Ranked Mode!

Ranked Games are the most iconic addition added to battle-royale games, often pertaining to either a closed-off map or battle-royale mode, which Free Fire also has in store. Ranking up earns players various rewards and sets them up on a leaderboard at which they can compete with others for the top position. This is not an easy thing to do, which is why we’ve listed the best guns you should definitely pick up while playing Ranked Mode in Free Fire.

Ranked games

Free Fire best guns ranked mode
Ranked Games add a sense of competitive add-on in Free Fire!

There is a minimum of 1 map selected, up to 4 (random) for Ranked games: Bermuda, Kalahari, Bermuda Remastered or Purgatory, which are the same maps seen in Classic modes. There are a lot of differences compared to Classic Games, but the main differences are the fact that weapons are found more rarely and some utilities are not available depending on the map you got selected. Ranking up requires RP which is gained depending on your overall performance per game. The more RP you earn, the closer you rank up to Heroic or even further beyond: Grandmaster.


Weapon class preferences are what often hold back people from reaching the top. You could be an SMG type of person, but the game gives you a low-tier weapon all the way, which could cause you to die early and lose a lot of rank points. This is why it’s best not to be too picky during the ranked game, but if you have the chance to change your weapon for the better, go for it, for it might be the only chance you get.

Below we’ve listed a few of the best guns in Free Fire and why you should pick them up while playing in Ranked Mode. Make use of it and you might find ranked games are going to feel a bit easier compared to when maybe you weren’t choosing them.

Assault Rifles/LMG


At first glance, this gun seems garbage, especially with its awful recoil at even medium range. However, once you apply maximum attachments to it, you’ll see it’s not as bad as it seemed. Accuracy is definitely not its speciality, but it deals devastating damage at medium range and its headshot damage is enough to crack up to a level 3 helmet instantly. The best part about this gun is the fact that it is quite common. So, you often won’t have to go for it search for miles, unless it’s for attachments.


Basically a clone of the AK47 with identical attributes, so the same usage rules apply here: “Attachments before Advancement”. The only difference is the fact that this weapon can only be obtained via Airdrops, Bounty Tokens or Resupply Maps.


This is a less-recoil version of the AK, with the sacrifice of some damage. It is okay, however, because it has still got a great fire rate going for it. As this is not an SMG, one must be careful not to spray with it. It could be a late realisation that the player has lost more bullets than they hit. An easily-found weapon on the map, but one must try to get all level 3 attachments, before bravely running up to anyone. Especially in the higher tiers, it’s an almost guaranteed death upon being downed.


A more accurate assault rifle, in a league of its own, compared to others. It deals less damage than the AK47, but with its better accuracy. You’ll find that you’ll be hitting more targets than you’re missing bullets.

Free Fire best guns ranked mode
AK47, SCAR, M14, M60, SVD, WOODPECKER, GROZA, XM8: Assault Rifles to pick up during Free Fire Ranked Mode


M14 is a great semi-automatic LMG to find in early-game. But, it may begin to feel disappointing later on, due to the less range and damage done to armors. The “Y” attachment does turn it into a fully-automatic rifle with a slightly higher fire rate. But, it is still better to use it in a medium range.


An LMG for medium to long distances lacks accuracy but has a good fire rate and damage. The main downside is the heavy movement reduction when shooting. So long as your shooting from a safe distance, you’ll have less risk of being shot back.


A gun that honestly fits the definition of an automatic sniper rifle more than an automatic assault rifle due to its insane damage, even at long distances. Only to be found in Airdrops, this weapon is a must-have for assault rifle users that don’t mind a little less accuracy when shooting for too long.


If acquiring an SVD seems like too much of a sweat to you, the commonly found WOODPECKER is a great alternative to it. It deals less damage, but is insanely accurate and still has range going for it.

Space Guns


Plasma: The only available Space gun in Ranked Game

The only space gun available in Ranked Game that doesn’t require ammunition, but reloads on its own when overheating. It still deals good damage and maybe an early to mid-game lifesaver, though later on, it might be a bit useless due to the many players that tend to pry everywhere.



This close-range one to two-shot wonder has been in Ranked Game for a while now. It is still used, even though it has been through some heavy nerfs in the past. A must-have for shotgun users which is a little rare to find, but doesn’t require any attachments when found.

Free Fire best guns ranked mode
M1887,M1014,MAG-7: Must-haves for shotgun users in Free Fire Ranked Mode


Both the M1014 and MAG-7 have similar attributes, with the only difference being in terms of maximum ammunition. MAG-7 has 8 pellets compared to the M1014, which has 6. Even though this weapon has more rounds, it deals less damage compared to the M1887. That being said, it is more commonly found and can hold its own a lot longer against multiple invading targets.

Sub-machine Guns


Even when out of the Clash squad, the Thompson still dominates. It is a great balanced SMG to find early-game that can help you out in some dangerous situations.


The MP5 is one of the best common SMGs to be found in Ranked Games. It has good spray speed and better accuracy compared to other SMGs. Find the MP5-X and it’ll reach an even higher fire rate compared to before, which can be boosted even more if you have a ++Rate of Fire skin of some sort.


One of the mostly used SMG’s, The MP40 is often easily found in Ranked Games. It can obliterate any enemy with its insane fire rate. You can either apply some attachments to it or you could plan to use it really close to your foes.

Free Fire best guns ranked mode
Thompson, MP5, MP40, Vector, VSS: SMG you can pick up for Ranked Games


This gun needs no introduction as it is so commonly seen being used in Ranked Games. Not knowing of its existence would mean you’ve never played Free Fire before. As a standalone, this weapon deals okayish damage, but with both in hand (dual-wielding), it has to be the most annoying SMG to date in the game. The only downside is that you’ll need to be quite close to the enemy to spray it. Additionally, you would need to stack a lot of ammo or you’ll run out quick.


The VSS is the second-most annoying SMG in the game, not as a standalone, but with its Ripper Bullet attachment, preattached as the “VSS-X”, which deals bleeding damage on impact. Along with it, it marks the enemy for as long as the effect lasts so wherever they decide to go, they’ll be marked along with it. Thankfully, this gun can’t be found too easily, but if you do, you might want to pick it up before someone else does.



This easily-found sniper has uncrowned the AWM’s title as the king of snipers, ever since it arrived months ago. Its Gloo-Wall piercing ability makes it a must-have for all sniper users and an annoyance for the enemy to avoid. If you’re skilful with it, give one or two a shot and see where it hits right, and you might just win a match sometime.

Free Fire best guns ranked mode
M82B and AWM: Two snipers you could pick up in Free Fire Ranked Mode


Needless to say, the AWM is still a good sniper, mostly due to its easy two-shot distance kill and heavy Gloo Wall penetration. Add in its “Y” attachment and you’ll make the enemy more thoughtful of what level armour they wear next time they battle.



M79: The special launcher in Free Fire you could pick up in Airdrops

It is a special launcher that is only found in Airdrops. The M79 uses the launcher ammo which deals immense AoE damage to both single and groups of enemies. It may seem as you have the upper hand with this weapon, but if you lack the aim, precision and cautiousness, you may end up killing yourself instead.

That’s all for the best guns in Free Fire Ranked Mode! Do you use any of these guns while playing Ranked Mode in Free Fire? Let us know in the comments below.

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