Frogger and The Rumbling Ruins is set to arrive on Apple Arcade

Explore the new Isometric and exciting 3D adventure!

Apple Arcade on Tuesday announced the release of Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins. Frogger which was released by Konami way back in 1981 got many good feedbacks and had been the most iconic game in the 1980s. The game got huge positive responses after its release and many clones and sequels were made over the years. It quickly became one of the most popular arcade games all over the world with time.

The main task of this game is to navigate the main protagonist (the frog) across busy horizontal roadsides and highways, avoiding traffic and cars, through dangerous swamps and rivers, making way through alligators and snakes, and make the frog reach home safely.

In 2019, Apple Arcade revealed Frogger in Toy Town with many optimizing features and a variety of 3D levels in iconic stages with improved graphics and specifications which specifically made the game more appealing and addictive to the players. 

Explore the world full of mysteries and adventures in Frogger and The Rumbling Ruins

Screenshots from the game’s app store show Frogger’s new isometric adventure will be hunting through the ruins in search of treasure with eventually improved graphics and renovated controls and tilt-based gameplay mechanics.

Frogger and The Rumbling Ruins
Image via Apple Arcade

It also reveals the game’s new exciting and breathtaking adventures with diverse exploration-based puzzle games unraveling the mysteries of the Ancient Salientians. The description discloses that there will be more than 100 stages in the game including all forms of traps and dangerous enemies and a ferocious and cunning boss in the end. With all these included, Frogger and the Rumbling Ruins is set to begin its new journey of adventure as a sequel to Frogger in Toy Town. The game is scheduled to be released in the month of June on iOS.

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