Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile from Square Enix to shut down on March 29, 2024

Square Enix on a spree of kills!

Square Enix is on a mobile game killing spree and one more game under its belt will end service. The action title Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile is the latest to announce the end of service, and will shut down on March 29, 2024.

Challenges faced with team structure and future ultimately led to the shut down of Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile

According to the developer’s note, the decision to discontinue Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile was not made in haste. Despite positive feedback on the game’s portrayal of the original story, the team acknowledged the various opinions and requests from players who expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of the service.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Trailers Gameplay
Inage via Square Enix

In response to player feedback, the team worked diligently during the 1st-anniversary event to address concerns by implementing updates. This included revising multiple systems and adjusting the balance to enhance the overall gaming experience. Additionally, plans for the next anniversary were in progress as part of the ongoing commitment to improving the game.

However, faced with challenges in maintaining a team structure capable of providing even more operational services and considering the future outlook, a difficult decision was reached to discontinue the game service. Despite efforts to explore various options to sustain the service, the team ultimately decided to shut it down.

Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile Trailers Gameplay
Inage via Square Enix

Regrettably, due to service discontinuation, in-game story updates will cease. To compensate, a voice drama series will be released sequentially from January to March 2024 via streaming. Since its release in Japan in 2022 followed by the China release in the same year, Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile managed to give a great gaming experience for the fans of the manga series. A better alternative is something players will wait for, and here’s hoping that Square Enix delivers one soon.

What are your thoughts on Fullmetal Alchemist Mobile from Square Enix to shut down on March 29, 2024? Let us know in the comments below!

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