Game of Legends: Dragons Rise is an upcoming 4x strategy game now available as early access on Android

New game in the making for FingerFun Limited Studio!

FingerFun Limited studio has come up with a new strategy-based game called Game of Legends: Dragons Rise, which is now available as early access on Android. The battle takes place on the land of Arkadia where the Legends rise to fight against the Sinister Monsters.

The Gods have abandoned us… abandoned us to face the Sinister Monsters that relish in their absence. Now our world is but strife and calamity, one following the other, day after day.

And yet, against all odds, we persist.

We persist, hoping for the day a courageous lord will really the heroes of legends past to drive the Darktide back from whence they came.

A new chapter is dawning on the land of Arkadia. Will you be the Lord that shapes it story?

Game of Legends: Dragons Rise game description

Game of Legends Dragons Rise: Gameplay features

Experience the game in an authentic 3D perspective

The game comes with full 3D, high-definition graphics making the journey through the Arkadia’s diverse lands, grand strongholds, and epic battles realistic, and treat to the eyes.

Join grand alliances and fight for a common cause

Game of Legends Dragons Rise early access Android
Image via FingerFun Limited Studio

Players will be able to group up with their friends and form alliances to battle the upcoming fights, which will be giving players a thrilling warfare experience, by taking over the enemy alliances.

Interact with numerous races of the world

There will 5 factions, each featuring its own unique backstory. They must join one of them and venture out into the world, meeting the mystical races of Arkadia.

Wage wars and execute strategies in real time

Game of Legends Dragons Rise early access Android
Image via FingerFun Limited Studio

Players must rather know the knowledge of warfare, terrain, and tactics. It must be utilized by them to take the fights to the enemy’s doorsteps in this sandbox-style strategy game. They will also be able to control the flow of battle, execute difficult combat maneuvers, and play the enemies like a fiddle.

Final Thoughts

Players must jump into the game and engage themselves with all the adventures of Arkadia. One must immerse themselves in an epic storyline encompassing the entire world. They just follow along with an ensemble of characters that will take them on a roller coaster of emotions. Game of Legends: Dragons Rise is exclusively available for Android users on Google Play Store, as early access.

Are you excited as the Game of Legends: Dragons Rise is available as early access on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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