Gangstar New York: Gameloft’s new open-world social sandbox for PC might come to mobile in the future

Take over the city in Gangstar New York

Gameloft, the incredibly popular game developer and publisher with dozens of mobile games under their belt, has put up a Steam page for their upcoming PC open-world sandbox titled Gangstar New York and it’s safe to assume that this is a part of the Gangstar game series which includes Gangstar New Orleans, Gangstar Vegas, and Gangstar Rio, all three of which are mobile games. 

The game is a multiplayer sandbox set in a futuristic version of New York. Players start from scratch and are free to commit any crimes that they want from grand theft auto to murder to bank robberies. It’s a completely wild city with a lot to do and explore. 

Gangstar New York mobile
Gangstar New York gameplay (Image via Gameloft)

Gangstar New York’s Kingpin mechanic redefines what it means to be in control. Players will become the Kingpin, and the power to change the world will be at the player’s fingertips. Once a district is under their control, the Kingpin can manipulate features like the missions available in the area.

Dressing stylish and expressing oneself is a key part of player creativity, and on the way to becoming Kingpin, players will discover the importance of dressing.

At the core of Gangstar New Yorks’ gameplay are missions, heists, and races that can all be undertaken solo, or by partying up with friends. But our closed alpha will feature Bank and Truck Heists.

Gangstar New York is destined to release on mobile devices

The game hasn’t been released yet but is going to enter a closed alpha testing soon and selected players will be able to try out the game early. Now while this is a PC title, for now, it certainly looks like the game will be making its way to mobile and consoles. On reaching out to Gameloft for the mobile release, the spokesperson did not comment anything on the mobile release, however, assured to announce more information about the game in the coming future.

A couple of questions from the questionnaire that interested players have to fill out in order to be eligible for testing out the game have really hinted at a mobile version of Gangstar New York. Considering the fact that the previous games on the Gangster series are mobile-exclusive, it is about time we’ll have the official announcement for the mobile launch.

Gangstar New York mobile
Gangstar New York questionnaire

Not only that, a recent trademark filed by Gameloft for Gangstar New York shows that the game is originally made for mobile devices, “GANGSTAR NEW YORK is Computer software for electronic games and entertainment, namely, downloadable computer game software used and played on mobile and cellular telephones, handheld computers, personal computers and personal digital assistants; downloadable electronic game programs.”

Considering the mention of mobile games, cross-play, and Gameloft’s history, it’s possible that this game will launch on mobile and will feature cross-play and cross-progression. However, till Gameloft confirms these speculations officially, there’s no way to know for sure.

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