Gate of Ages: Eon Strife is NetEase Games’ cartoonish strategy game now available as early access on Android and PCs

The game has been made available in early access!

Gate of Ages: Eon Strife is a strategy game now available through early access in selected regions. The developers are conducting a closed beta test through this early access. The game has been developed and published by NetEase Games for Android and PC. NetEase has been behind developing hit games like Infinite Lagrange and Vikingard. The strategy genre is a very popular one in mobile gaming and with their latest title, it looks like NetEase is heating the competition by releasing a game in this genre. 

Explore the mystical Gate of Ages: Eon Strife and form strong alliances

The game takes players through a journey of a lifetime as they traverse the Gate of Ages to reach the lost continent. There is a legend about this mysterious land that says that there are lost treasures that have been kept hidden for millennia. Players will explore this vast land to uncover the relics and mysteries. 

Players will use their exploration skills as they approach a mystical gate in the continent which spans time and space. It is by going past this gate, players will receive the greatest treasures. Heroes of seven different races are available in the game each with unique skills and talents. Players will have to recruit heroes to expand their territory and build their fame and they will also need to break the seal of the ancient gods to breach the gate of endless wealth.

Gate of ages early access
Image via NetEase Games

The game allows players to form Alliances and rewards them with Alliance bonuses. Players will have to develop technology, construct their homeland, issue edicts, and enjoy the benefits of their alliance. While developing strategies, keep in mind that a qualified lord has no permanent friends or foes, only interests. 

The game features a free march and city occupation in the seasonal tournament. Players can build, expand, conquer, and enjoy thrilling battles during a tournament. Gate of Ages: Eon Strife is now available for early access for Android users in the Philippines. Users can head on to the official Gate of Ages website for more information.

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