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Genshin Impact 3.7 Update Leaks: New Characters, Artifacts, Weapons, and more

The upcoming version 3.7 looks exciting!

Genshin Impact’s version 3.7 update is expected to go live on May 24, 2023. While it is still almost a month away, several leaks have already started to surface on the internet. In this article, we will compile all leaks regarding the version 3.7 update in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact 3.7 update leaks reveal rerun banners and 2 new artifact sets and a 4-star weapon

5* Rerun banners

To start things off, we have the 5* rerun banners. Since no new 5* character has been announced after Baizhu, it is safe to assume he will be the final 5* from the 3* patches. As we approach version 4.0 and the release of Fontaine, the Nation of Hydro, we will see more patches with only rerun banners. And what an amazing set of rerun banners we have here. Although this is just a leak and players should take this information with a grain of salt. 

It would appear we are going to see the first-ever rerun of Alhaitham as well as the second reruns of Yae Miko and Kaedehara Kazuha. Tagging along with them is Yoimiya who happens to have the worst banner luck of all time since every time her banner is with/around much desirable characters, but that will never stop those who want her. 

There is nothing left to say about Kazuha, he is one of the, if not the best character in Genshin Impact. Alhaitham, while slightly mechanically complex to play, is a great Dendro main DPS. Yae Miko is an amazing Aggrevate unit alongside Fischl. Her value has only increased with the release of Dendro as a playable element. Yoimiya, despite lacking the versatility of Hu Tao and Xiangling, is an absolute monster in single-target situations like bosses.

4* Weapon from the main event

Every version comes with its flagship event which rewards a 4* character or a 4* weapon, in a rotating fashion. The flagship event of version 3.7 will reward a 4* bow which seems to favor EM-scaling characters with a charged attack-reliant playstyle. The first character that comes to mind is Tighnari, although whether this weapon ends up being a good option for him or not can only be judged once we get our hands on it.

Genshin Impact 3.6 Update leaks: New character Kirara, Archon TCG cards, and event characters

Kirara and her kit

Kirara is the new Dendro sword character set to be released in version 3.7. Details about her kit and her constellations have been leaked from the closed beta test. These numbers may get changed for the official release.

It seems she is a shielder with some decent Dendro application. More will be revealed about her soon.  

Archon TCG cards

Archons are some of the most overpowered playable characters in Genshin Impact. Sadly, while many characters already have a TCG counterpart, the Archons were excluded from this. All that is about to change. It seems all 4 current Archons will see their TCG card released at once. We can expect a shift in the TCG META when it happens. 

Main event characters

It would appear that the flagship event of version 3.7, called Seven Saint Summoning will take place in all four nations. As a result, many beloved characters across nations will share the spotlight and interact with each other.  

We can see from the list that prominent characters from each nation will make an appearance. This is surely an exciting moment for players who have developed an affection towards these characters. 

Final Thoughts

Genshin Impact version 3.7 update is going to be exciting due to two simple factors; possible reruns of highly valued characters, and the flagship event which will bring characters from all nations together in Genshin Impact. 

What are your thoughts about the 3.7 version update leaks in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comment section below!

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