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Genshin Impact: Alternate outfits of Jean, Amber, Rosaria and Mona to be out soon

Four Monstadt characters to get revamped!

A few hours ago on Twitter, Genshin Impact announces the release of alternate outfits and the partial redesigns of four Mondstadt characters: “Dandelion Knight” Jean, “Gliding Champion” Amber, “Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria, & “Astral Reflection” Mona. Up till now, the tweet does not reveal any more details on the outfits but just for an illustrative view, players can have a look at the new alternate outfits below. 

With the new alternate outfits coming soon in the latest 2.4 update Fleeting Colors in Flight, it is known that the default costumes of these 4 Mondstadt players will be retained. It is just an added bonus to the update which is likely to go live soon.

Genshin Impact alternate outfits: What we know so far

The players can buy alternate outfits for some characters through the Character Outfit Shop & Game Events. In addition to a new set of voiceovers, the player with the  Alternative Outfit will also gain access to the character in the party. Although each character starts out with a default outfit, additional outfits can be purchased for specific characters. Regardless of whether the player already owns the character or not, the skin can be purchased beforehand.

In the previous Genshin Impact 1.6 version update, alternate outfits were made available for summers. The players equipped with Alternate Outfits included Jean “Sea Breeze Dandelion”, Barbara “Summertime Sparkle”, Ningguang “Orchid Evening Gown” & Keqing “Opulent Splendor”. 

Alternate outfit details

“Dandelion Knight” Jean

Jean is the first one in the upcoming revamp to receive a redesign. Not much has changed as per the color scheme but the new alternate outfit will have a completely chest-covered new Jean.

Jean’s original outfit (Image via miHoYo)

“Gliding Champion” Amber

There hasn’t been much change for Amber’s alternate outfit in Genshin Impact. It is still the same outfit with slightly different color schemes.

“Thorny Benevolence” Rosaria

As for Rosaria, her design has been reworked to look more conservative. She no longer has bare shoulders and wears a different top with no fishnet stockings.

Genshin Impact Rosaria Guide
Rosaria’s original outfit (Image via miHoYo)

“Astral Reflection” Mona

Her outfit in Genshin Impact also showcases a classic design, but with something more reminiscent of Fischl’s shorts in place of her costume. Also, her tights now cover only the tops of her thighs, & she now wears thigh-high tights.

With the release date for the alternate outfit update still not out, the suspense still prevails. It is expected that the latest redesigns will be available in the 2.4 version update soon.

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