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Genshin Impact Developers Discussion for March 2021

A sneak peak into the future!

The developers oGenshin Impact at miHoYo have given us another developers discussion which many users have become accustomed to knowing what can they expect in the future. In the Genshin Impact Developers Discussion, they usually give us insight into what we can expect from the upcoming updates and also how the devs feel about the suggestions from the players. Let’s look at all the features discussed in the Genshin Impact Developers Discussion for March 2021 and all the benefits these may have for players in the future.

Developers Feedback for Genshin Impact

1. Revised Condensed Resin cap will now increase to 4

This is a major point of contention for many players as the resin is a large limiting factor for farming in Genshin Impact. Well, players should be pleased to hear that in Version 1.4, the maximum number of Condensed Resin will be increased. This info will be further detailed in the 1.4 Sneak Peek Livestream.

Genshin Impact Developers Discussion March
Resin is a large limiting factor for farming in Genshin Impact

A glitch that many players have encountered, ever since condensed resin was introduced. This will be fixed in version 1.4 and players should no longer receive a notification about insufficient Resin.

2. New solutions for Adventure Rank

Currently, the maximum Adventure Rank in version 1.3 is 60, however, there will be no increase to the maximum rank in version 1.4. Instead of increasing the maximum Adventure Rank players will receive Mora for all Adventure EXP gained after hitting the Cap.

Once players hit the next world level tier, many players aren’t ready for the increase in difficulty and become disenfranchised with the game. The developers have heard this complaint and will explain new solutions in the 1.4 Sneak Peek Livestream.

3. Weapon upgrade system

To maximize upgrading your weapons, you must slowly fill the slots to level up your weapons. This process can be extremely grating, and players have been asking repeatedly for ways to remedy this monotony. The only solution given here is that the devs have notified that they might increase the number of weapon upgrade material slots.

4. The Co-Op mode needs a revamp

Whenever a player joins your world many systems are locked out when the game switches from single to multiplayer. One such feature is the crafting bench, where players can craft condensed resin. It’s really annoying since when playing co-op of one player runs out of resin, they need to leave just to craft resin and join back. Honestly, it feels like the entire co-op system needs a rework.

Genshin Impact Developers Discussion March
Co-Op System in Genshin Impact

Also, once you join a player co-op if you aren’t speaking to them outside of the game, it can be very hard to find them inside of the open world. Well, the ability to locate your teammates in-game is on the to-do list for features to improve the Co-Op experience.

5. Re-challenge button in the Spiral Abyss

It’s really annoying that players must leave and re-enter the portal again just to retry the spiral abyss. The option to just hit a retry button would streamline the process of getting the time required for stars in the abyss. There are improvements said to be coming to the abyss in the 1.4 update. We should see these all in the Sneak Peek Livestream.

6. Xiao’s Elemental Skill

Genshin Impact Developers Discussion March
Xiao’s elemental skill when activated will not generate Elemental Particles

After Xiao activates “Bane of All Evil” using “Lemniscatic Wind Cycling” on enemies, he will not generate Elemental Particles so long as he dons his Yaksha mask. It should generate Elemental Particles under any other circumstances. Essentially much like Razor’s elemental skill, once Xiao activates his elemental skill, he is unable to generate elemental particles.

7. Option to save birthday mails

Whenever a character’s birthday occurs in-game, they send the player mail just to say something special for their birthday. Many players have favourite characters and it’s nice to get messaged by that character for them. The developers have heard about the desire to save these messages. Now, a mail favourites system is in the works.


These updates are always great for the game. Moreover, the last nuggets of info showing players a new way of getting summons are really nice from the developers’ perspective. Finally, it looks like the developers are starting to give players something with which they can get new characters in the game.

Let us know your thoughts on the Genshin Impact Developers Discussion for March 2021 in the comments below!

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