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Genshin Impact: Nahida and Yoimiya banner becomes the game’s most profitable banner

Nahida and Yoimiya banner sales break all-time revenue record!

Genshin Impact has finally released Nahida on the latest 3.2 version update, along with being paired up with Yoimiya, a five-star Pyro bow user who got her second rerun banner released. Nahida is a five-star Dendro Catalyst and is currently the best Dendro character to have due to her flexibility. It is a great Dendro Support off-field and a reliable Dendro DPS on-field. Now, as per the latest records, Nahida and Yoimiya banner has become the most profitable banner in Genshin Impact.

Nahida Carrying the Banner Sales Alone Compared to Yoimiya

According to Genshin Lab, the CN’s iOS market data shows that Nahida/Yoimiya dual banners have earned $34,017,290. It has become the second-grossing banner sales currently in the game, after Ayaka’s second rerun banner of $35,939,066

Additionally, according to the Genshin Lab website, in China’s iOS Market Nahida/Yoimiya duel banner sales surpassed Venti’s Day 1 banner sales and became the highest Day 1 banner sales, accumulating a solid $5,111,701. An $80,946 difference compared to Venti’s first-day banner sales of $5,030,755. Players should note that even though it is a dual banner, the accumulated revenue made is mostly done by Nahida instead of Yoimiya.

Genshin Impact Nahida banner sales
Image via Reddit

According to, in the Wish Tally sectionit states that about 177,968 players were summoned for Nahida. While only 12,309 players were summoned for Yoimiya. Furthermore, if you search through the website, you will notice a list of the playable characters that players have gotten during the whole banner duration. About 63.68% of the dual banner summons go to Nahida, making her the most summoned character. Only 4.4% of players got Yoimiya which made her the least summoned character after the standard characters. 

Nahida’s backstory and gameplay are the reasons behind it being the most profitable

It is a given that Nahida would be so successful in terms of banner sales. She is currently the fourth playable Archon character released since Raiden Shogun, who was released back in Version 2.1. Not only that Genshin Impact has been steadily rising in popularity since the Inazuma update patches, but the number of engagements and likes the Genshin Impact social media posts have been getting on their official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Genshin Impact Nahida banner sales
Image via HoYoverse

Adding onto that, Nahida has left a great impression on players in terms of gameplay, kit, personality, and backstoryDendro is a brand new kind of Element that was released back in Version 3.0 and has several deadly and fun Elemental reactions. It was a given that the Dendro Archon herself would be an amazing playable character to have in the party for good Dendro applications and Dendro-related reactions, hence becoming the next best META in the game.

Genshin Impact Version 3.2 Fabulous Fungus Frenzy Nahida
Image via HoYoverse

With the Archon Story Quest-line being released and completing this patch, players got to know Nahida and empathize with her story and personality. It was a given that with all the accumulated hype surrounding the Lesser Lord Kusanali, she would break many banner records and bring a mass amount of revenue to Hoyoverse. 

If not for some disadvantages, the Nahida/Yoimiya banner could have earned a lot more

Despite the high sales, the banner could have earned a lot more and even surpassed Ayaka’s first re-run banner if the dual Nahida/Yoimiya did not have many disadvantages. Nahida/Yoimiya’s dual banner only lasts for 17 days instead of the usual 21 days duration due to the short 5 weeks version updates. Additionally, Ayaka’s re-run had more of an advantage because her banner lasted for 43 whole days due to the delayed version updates. 

Furthermore, Nahida/Yoimiya’s dual banner was sandwiched between some very anticipated and hyped playable characters. Cyno and Nilou were released in 3.1 with Cyno being a much-anticipated character that many players were familiarized with due to the Genshin Impact Webtoon.

Similarly, Genshin Impact teased the newly designed Scaramouche (now known as Wanderer) in their official social media posts. Scaramouche is one of the most hyped unreleased characters that was shown back in Version 1.1 and fans have been dying to wish for him, judging by the engagements and likes on Twitter.

What are your thoughts as Nahida and Yoimiya banner sales have become the most profitable in Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below!

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