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Genshin Impact: Raiden Shogun rerun to become one of the most profitable banners

In terms of sales, the Raiden Shogun rerun may wind up eclipsing the original Raiden banner!

Unsurprisingly, the Raiden Shogun rerun is already showing indications of being one of the most lucrative banners of Genshin Impact. It’s worth noting that all of the information here originates from Genshin Lab and is only focuses on the Chinese iOS market. Similarly, both her and Kokomi’s rerun data are combined in these results.

However, based on previous statistics, Raiden Shogun is expected to be the more popular of the two characters, with her banner outnumbering Kokomi’s. As a point of comparison, the original Raiden Shogun banner was the most successful ($33,020,905), while Kokomi’s was the least successful ($7,020,975).

The Genshin Impact Reddit post above displays the overall sales of each banner in the Chinese iOS market as of Day 3. It’s important to note that the current repeat has well over two weeks remaining to generate even more money than shown above. Despite this, Day 3 sales put it in second place at $13,589,599.

Raiden Shogun’s original banner from Genshin Impact is ranked first, with a value of $15,803,336. In comparison, Kokomi’s initial banner only generated $2,346,733 in the same period, just beating out Keqing’s. Different numbers may be displayed in other markets and platforms. Kokomi, for example, is far more popular in Japan than in China.

How do these sales compare to the total sales of other banners

By the time this article is released, the current rerun banner had sold $16,632,835 in total, putting it in eighth position overall for all banners in Genshin Impact history. The top seven are as follows:

genshin ios revenue
Image via Genshin Lab

Travelers should remember that the current repeat banners will expire on March 29, 2022, leaving plenty of opportunities to crack the top seven. This banner has already made nearly $16 million by the conclusion of Day 3, which was greater than the previous projection of $13,589,599. That lower estimate was based on purchases received early in the day, with more sales arriving later.

This Genshin Impact banner has a good chance of becoming one of the most successful banners in history if it can generate roughly $3 million in less than a day. It’s simply a question of how far these sales will go and if this repeat will be able to crack the top three. Given that she is the Shogun, we anticipate her banner will be carved in eternity for all time in banner sales. Her quest for eternity is relentless here, at least.

What are your thoughts about Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun rerun? Let us know in the comments below.

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