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Genshin Impact: Recent activities show hacker can have control over an account for buying items

The developers have not confirmed anything yet

Popular RPG Genshin Impact might be the top games this year, but they can’t be always in the best news forever. In recent news, the game was found revealing players’ phone numbers due to a glitch, which wasn’t enough for what is now going on. As reported by many players of the game, the Adventure game is becoming beneficiary for hackers, as now a hacker can have control over account for buying items as well as keep stolen accounts in Genshin Impact. This is seriously a big concern which we will look into in this article.

Shedding light into the case

Consider one of the following scenarios: You are on the log in page, and ready to play. You try 1,2,3 times but all you get is a wrong account/password notification. Or you suffered from a data breach on another account, and your other passwords got compromised. Either way, you head to the support to regain access to your account, and the answer is they can’t do anything because the new person who has your credentials have already bought something.

Although far from what you would expect, that’s what a Reddit user shows how it got answered. With the video posted yesterday (December 8th), the player shows its own inbox and highlights what is believed to be miHoYo response about regaining access to an account.

Not only this but while mods tried to verify the claims of the user, other players with similar problems came forward to join the cause and share their own similar experiences with miHoYo support. Streamer Faro TV made a video telling how his Genshin Impact account got invaded by a hacker. (by someone who just wanted to give him a heads up about changing his password)

To make it worse, another player showed a conversation between him and support where he was suspended and wanted to get some revaluation off his punishment. The answer was a laughing emoji.

Even on the Reddit matter, Mtashed, a channel with more than half a million subscribers, also came forward about these security issues. He states that for weeks his followers have asked him to talk about this, and after he encountered the Reddit post, even his account received a hijack attempt.

Secure your Genshin Impact accounts today

miHoYo has not given any official statement until now. Players require something safer to the platform, like 2 Factor Authorization, remote log off some unwanted or unknown IP, as well as better responses from the Customer Service. Now the time to better protect your account as we expect further clarification from the developers.

What do you think about the recent concerns regarding a hacker who can have control over an account in Genshin Impact? Feel free to drop them in the comments below!

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People expect security and integrity, from Chinese malware? What level of stupidity will humanity sink to next?

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