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Genshin Impact releases 6 new commercials in Japan in celebration of its second anniversary

Cyno and Paimon introduce all-new characters from Sumeru!

Genshin Impact is now officially two-year-old. Players should prepare for a busy week in Genshin Impact as HoYoverse has big plans for the Travelers during the second anniversary of the game. In this article, we will explore some parts of HoYoverse’s plan for Genshin Impact as their anniversary rolls out. As Genshin Impact celebrates its second anniversary, HoYoverse released 6 new video commercials to the public.

Cyno and Paimon introduce new characters from Sumeru in one of the Genshin Impact’s newly released commercials

With one of the advertisements even depicts Cyno and Paimon introducing the all-new characters from Sumeru that are being released. This Includes Miyu Irino (introduced by Cyno), Aoi Koga (introduced by Paimon), and Yukari Tamura narrating them (Nahida, Qiqi).

Introducing Genshin Friends Part 4

In “Introducing Genshin Friends Part 4,” Cyno gives a very brief overview of the playable Sumeru characters that were available before Version 3.0. Cyno describes Dori as a “Greedy Merchant” and Tighnari as a “Ranger Leader”.

Cyno then proceeds to tease when introducing Paimon. He calls the character the nickname “Kawaisa Ippaimon,” which is the direct translation of “So much cuteness” but with context translates to “Pai-les of adorableness.” Paimon blushes, but Cyno quickly remarks that it wasn’t funny, much to Paimon’s chagrin. The original pun combined the Japanese word “ippai,” which means “plenty,” with Paimon’s name.

In this Commercial, Cyno and Paimon are the narrators as they introduced the new playable characters that are being introduced in Genshin Impact and even teased Paimon that she is cute. Below are the other 5 commercials released in Japan.

Genshin Impact 2nd Anniversary

In this advertisement video, also narrated by Cyno, HoYoverse highlights many of the characters that the players have encountered in the past 2 years. It is a commercial video that celebrates and commemorates Genshin’s 2nd anniversary, with the video even ending with a phrase that translates into “Beyond the emotions of an RPG”.

The Faraway Land

This Commercial video is again narrated by none other than Cyno. This video highlights the past location that the traveler has been to since they arrived in Teyvat a nostalgic run back of the places that HoYoverse has released and how beautiful and complex each background is. The video ends with the quote “Let’s jump into this overwhelming open world”

A Story About Searching for the Truth

This anniversary advertisement video entitled Story of Seeking Truth highlights the all-new released region of Sumeru. The video is narrated by Nahida who also says, a line with the translation of “Sleeping in the depths of the great forest is an adventure like no other.”

New Region Sumeru

This commercial video is again narrated by Nahida, with the quote “Grass Elements Weave Stories Beyond Your Imagination”. The video also features Sumeru and ends with the phrase that translates to, “Beyond the emotions of an RPG”. It is also written in the description in Japanese, that “From September 28, 2022 (Wednesday), TV commercials are being broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting in major cities nationwide!”.

New Region Sumeru (Paimon Narration Version)

The last Advertisement video is voiced by none other than Paimon. Paimon goes out with an exciting tone as she talks to the traveler who she is referring to as Tabibito with the quote “An exciting adventure is about to begin, traveler!”

Final Thoughts

That was all for our rundown of Genshin Impact’s surge of second-anniversary advertisement for the Japanese audience. It has been a very fun and eventful year for the Genshin Impact community. And it will surely just continue to be fun in the years to come. All the players need to do is to be excited about what HoYoverse plans for the game’s third year to the next couple of years.

What are your thoughts on the 6 new Japanese commercials released by Genshin Impact? Let us know in the comments below.

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