Gnome Arena: Cyberstep has announced a new turn-based action title slated to release in 2024

Prepare yourself for yet another turn based title!

Cyberstep the developer of GetAmped and Onigiri has announced that a new turn-based action game, Gnome Arena will be released sometime in 2024. Gnome Arena Cyberstep is expected to release for both console and mobile devices, and new information on other platforms is expected to be released soon from the developers’ end.

The game will feature strategic gameplay utilizing the specialties of various characters

The game is due to release somewhere in 2024, hence there is not much information on the game to work on yet. However, given the genre and the fact that it will be featuring over 100 unique earth spirits it is safe to say that it will involve a lot of strategies and team-building aspects in the gameplay of the game.

The game is expected to have a PvP sort of gameplay for the players to enjoy where after careful consideration of different characters in the game they will be tasked with the teambuilding process and eventually test their strategies against the opponents in a PvP format.

Gnome Arena Cyberstep, Gnome Arena
Image via Cyberstep

PvP teambuilding games generally require a lot of strategic expertise and thorough information on the characters that you control in your squad. Not much can be said about the character classification and powerups as information is very thin, but it will be advantageous for the players to get a brief understanding of the details and offerings for the characters in the game once it is out.

The game will also include elements such as league matches and event competitions, where players will be able to compete with the opposite teams for rewards ranging from character shards to special in-game resources like underground resources. Hence tournaments will play a big and important role in the game, thus granting a more PvP experience to the players.

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