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Gods Summoner is a mythology-based RPG currently available as beta early access

Play as God from different mythology

Loongcheer game has recently released a new global mythologies-based idle RPG, Gods Summoner on the Google Play Store as a part of beta early access. The release area covers Europe and America and the global servers are to open soon with the exception of SEA areas and the greater China areas.

Theme behind Gods Summoner

As usual, the gods in charge of their respective jurisdictions enjoyed their peaceful and orderly life. The oriental gods are playing mahjong, while the Western gods are chasing in the garden of Eden. Suddenly, the divine realm trembles. Demons and monsters appeared in the world again. Some Humans became strong equal to gods.

Channels connecting the divine realms open, all the gods should unite together to fight against the evil forces. One will be the master to call up heroes to reveal the unknown mystery.

Characters from global mythology systems

Gods Summoner with Global Mythology characters
Gods Summoner with Global Mythology characters

Most of the characters in the game are gods in different mythology systems. For example, we have Zeus and Apollo from Greece mythology, Thor and Loki from Nordic mythology, and Tathagata Buddha and Monkey King from China mythology. These characters have their new description in-game and they are more fashionable than your previous impressions of them.

Gods Summoner will have rich features for idle players

  • Story and Characters base on global mythology systems!
  • Paper-cut animation art style
  • Idle system for idle players
  • Strategic battle and line-up
  • Rich PVE & PVP Gameplays
  • Goddess & Beast system
  • Rich functions guild system
  • Rich in-game events

Players can enjoy the game with the guild system

The guild system of the game is very functional while there are 8 sub-functions in the guild system including guild boss and guild war. One can play the game with your friends and meet new friends.

An idle RPG with mature and rich gameplay

The game system is mature. For PVE, the game has 8 modes. Including adventure, resources dungeon, and trial system. The difficulty of these PVE gameplays is incremental while they also are enriched with many interesting features to create better fun for our players.

Gods Summoner PvP battle arena
Gods Summoner PvP battle arena

For PVP, the game has more than 3 PVP modes that will suit different players. As for the idle concept, players can enjoy the auto-battle system and rich free resources. The released version of Gods Summoner will be a part of beta early access on September 14th and will be available on Google Play Store for download.

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