Guns of Glory announces its new DLC, Tale of Twin Kings with new storyline and gameplay

Brand-new expansion pack now available with new story quests!

Players will have access to a new storyline based on the tale of Louis XIII, the new challenger, and brand-new troops to train in two themed buildings: the Merc Dock and the Merc Arena, in the free-to-play epic mobile strategy game Guns of Glory, developed by leading mobile game developer and publisher FunPlus and its KingsGroup studio. The Guns of Glory DLC is titled “Tale of Twin Kings,” and it will be available starting today. All players with castle levels 30 and higher can now download the newest expansion pack for free.

Experience an exciting new storyline in Guns of Glory DLC ‘Tale of Twin Kings’

The entirety of the Kingdom has descended into anarchy as a result of a new royal aspirant. The populace is uncertain as to which king should have their allegiance. Players can anticipate this new expansion in these circumstances, which will bring an intriguing new storyline via a new main story quest that will enable them to earn blue gems, a new reward that players can use to unlock and upgrade the troops available in the DLC.

Guns of Glory Tale of Twin Kings DLC
Image via FunPlus

These new troops are unlocked using a brand-new structure called the Merc Dock. Players in this new location have access to strong mercenaries with various ranks, like the Aerogunner, Mahout Lancer, and Steam Hoplite.

Create new structure and complete main tasks in Tale of Twin Kings

The Merc Arena, a brand-new structure that players can create in “Tale of Twin Kings,” allows them to research to develop their new troops, transforming them into Tier 1 elite mercenaries. Players will be able to improve their mercenary-based attributes, such as attack, defense, health, and skill effects redeemed by blue gems, in this building in addition to unlocking new mercenary troops.

Players who complete the main story tasks in this expansion can find blue gems nearby their level 15 or above Sanctuary or Rallying Red Guard Camps at blue gem mines. Red gems, which may be found in red gem mines or by taking on level 35 threats, are also required to hire new mercenaries and boost their efficiency and capacity in the Merc Dock.

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