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Heroes War: Counterattack: The turn-based RPG enters pre-registration for both Android and iOS

Turn the tide of battle with Counterattacks!

Heroes War: Counterattack is an upcoming role-playing game developed by Com2uS, that is set to release for both android and iOS. The story revolves around a post-apocalyptic world, where a virus named Z- Virus has devastated the entire human race by turning them into Zombies. Heroes War: Counterattack is currently up for pre-registration on the respective app stores.

Gameplay Overview

The game consists of two forces, the humans who survived are knowns as the Survivors Union and the mutated zombies are known as the Harz Alliance. The mutated zombies are infected individuals who have managed to retain their human consciousness alongside gaining unbelievable superhuman abilities. The zombies are locked down in an age-old conflict with the surviving mercenaries.

Heroes War Counterattack release

Heroes War: Counter Attack consists of 10 chapters. In order to play both factions, you have to complete different missions and campaigns. Gradually you will unlock different heroes and add in your team. According to Kyu Lee, president of GAMEVIL Com2uS,

“With Heroes War: Counterattack, we’re reinventing the traditional turn-based RPG genre by incorporating more strategy and an engaging narrative,”

Kyu Lee, president of GAMEVIL Com2uS,

The game allows you to add friends and play with them and complete missions. You can also create a guild of mercenaries but having only limited space on your team. Inter guild battle rewards points and trophies. Additionally, you can customize your mercenaries skills and find the best synergies before deploying them into the battlefield. There are in-game Items available to buy inside the game and few items are non-refundable.

When will Heroes War: Counterattack release

Heroes War: Counterattack is now available for pre-registration on Play Store or on the official site. If you are an iOS gamer, you will need to sign up via email to receive your pre-registration rewards on launch day from the App Store. There is no official date yet as for the official release of the game but we can expect an announcement regarding a late 2020 release soon.

What are your opinions as Heroes War: Counterattack enter pre-registration ahead of it’s release? Do let us know in the comments!

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