Honkai Impact 3rd launches v5.6 Elysian Reverie featuring new events, outfits and rewards

Full upgrade of Elysian Realm and the adorable owner of the Elysian Shop makes her debut!

On April 7, the Honkai Impact 3rd team will upgrade the action game to v5.6, Elysian Reverie. The Elysian Realm center is getting a complete overhaul that will provide a far more immersive experience. The charming owner of the Elysian Shop, Pardofelis, will also make her appearance as Reverist Calico, an IMG-type Ice-elemental SP melee fighter. Captains may look forward to new events, attire, and in-game bonuses.

Honkai Impact 3rd takes place in a modern world that has been tainted by a mysterious force known as Honkai. Valkyries, heroic girls with anti-Honkai DNA, establish a strong resistance that leads humanity in a struggle for survival and fights for all that is beautiful in the world.

Meet the owner of Elysian Shop in the Honkai Impact v5.6 update

Pardofelis, the owner of the Elysian Shop, who has always used restocking her shop as an excuse to slack off, finally appears in the next v5.6 release. Pardofelis resided in the wicked Sundown Alley before joining the Flame-Chasers, relying on her craftiness to get by. Despite her claims that she is the weakest of the Flame-Chasers and that her recruitment was a fluke, she possesses a distinct fighting style as the Reverist Calico.

Pardofelis (Image via miHoYo)

Reverist Calico is an Ice-elemental SP melee fighter of the IMG type. Pardofelis fights in a graceful manner that combines the agility of a cat with the grace of a dancer. She fights alongside her pint-sized pal, Can, using a new form of weapon called a chakram. Her strike summons a fluffy cat paw to attack, and her ultimate delivers immense damage by crashing the gigantified Can into enemies from the skies. Let’s see how “tough” Pardofelis truly is, as she claims she “can get her claws on anything for the appropriate price.”

Honkai Impact 3rd v5.6 will feature a fully upgraded Elysian Realm

The Elysian Realm hub has also been upgraded, in addition to the new Flame-Chaser. Captains will be able to explore the hub, engage with the characters in the room, and examine in-game artifacts up close! Weekly challenges have also been improved, with new stage effects and optional boosts that can be quite useful in battles with smart set-ups.

When fighting in the Elysian Realm, multiple Remembrance Sigils can be donned to trigger different support skills. The interface has been changed to give a more natural combat experience, allowing players to charge support talents and cast them at the appropriate time.

With the version update, new Elysian Realm events will be available. Participating in events and completing quests earns you new costumes and weapons for free. Kalpas will also resurface as a Boss in the new tale, but is he the one who picks battles and causes havoc? The truth has yet to be revealed.

Are you excited for the Honkai Impact 3rd v5.6 Elysian Reverie update? Let us know in the comments below!

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